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05/29 [news] SS501 Heo YoungSaeng Advances into Japan…Album in Aug, Solo Concert in Sep
May 29, 2012, 16:43
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05/29 [news] SS501 Heo YoungSaeng Advances into Japan…Album in Aug, Solo Concert in Sep

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First advancement into overseas after standing as solo from group

SS501 Heo YoungSaeng will be making his way into Japan (music industry) in August.

Heo YoungSaeng’s agency revealed to NoCutNews on 29-May morning “Heo YoungSaeng is releasing his 2nd solo album soon after the first being released last year, he will release an album in Japan in August, and will hold his very first solo concert in September.” This will be his first advancement into overseas after standing as a solo artiste from a group.

According to the agency representative, the Japanese album that will be released in August will consist of about 10 songs. They will choose 2~3 songs from the solo songs that Heo YoungSaeng released in Korea and record them into Japanese language, and besides these, they have planned to include other diverse genre of songs.

Even though Heo YoungSaeng has received many invitations from overseas, he has postponed his overseas activities thinking to make even more preparations first before meeting with his overseas fans. Though he felt sorry for the fans who have waited for him for so long, but he decided that it is better for him to build his own repertory as a solo singer first.

Heo YoungSaeng thinks that he is still lacking in many ways but he has released 2 solo albums in Korea and close to 2 years have passed, so he cannot possibly ignore the requests of Japanese fans anymore. The concert in September has been decided upon and he is preparing for an album in order to show even more diverse sides of him.

Heo YoungSaeng said recently when he met with the reporter “Actually after the first album last year, I thought of meeting my overseas fans. But I simply couldn’t because I only have a few solo songs and was still not well-prepared yet. Though fans would have liked it but I felt that I will feel sorry at the fact that I am getting paid to hold a concert that I am not well-prepared of. I want show myself after I’m totally prepared for it.”

He added “Of course, I am worried if my fans would leave me but I want to be honorable in front of them. The album that I am going to release in Japan is one that I will produce with the performance in mind. I have a lot to show and want be in a performance where I am able to enjoy together with fans, my thoughts revolve around such music. I will show you a rich-sounding performance with a band.”

Heo YoungSaeng released his 2nd mini album ‘Solo’ on 22-May. This album is one that shows his growth while finding his very own style as artiste Heo YoungSaeng, he participated in half of the album production including concept, planning, composition, lyrics writing, etc. It consists of a total of 5 songs including its title song ‘Crying’.


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