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07/11 [trans] B2M – Meet Me Again Pre-order Details
July 11, 2012, 23:19
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07/11 [trans] B2M – Meet Me Again Pre-order Details

Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @ &


Hello, this is B2M Entertainment.

Online pre-order for Meet Me Again will start at 4pm today.

There are many queries on whether if the pre-order albums currently are the versions with numberings (i.e limited edition).

The pre-order will not end even after finishing the 3,000 quantity for the pre-order

Therefore, it is only when all 3,000 albums have been sold out in their order of reservation,

Then we will be sending the normal version albums.

We seek for everyone’s understanding.

*xiaochu : so from their explanation, it means that the online sellers doesn’t know if they will have the limited version, but will take up all pre-orders from customers. Then on the release date, they will know how many limited CDs (and those normal editions) they have and send out accordingly. No one knows how much each seller are getting and their method of allocating is not transparent enough..


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