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10/15 [trans] Y.E.S Happy Birthday!! Heo YoungSaeng!! Event
October 15, 2012, 17:15
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10/15 [trans] Y.E.S Happy Birthday!! Heo YoungSaeng!! Event

Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @ &


Hello. This is the person in charge of Y.E.S.

As mentioned through B2M twitter, YoungSaeng’ birthday commemoration on 3-Nov!
We came up with an event where all fans will be able to join through the official homepage.

This is the 8th birthday that YoungSaeng will be spending with fans right?
Let us hear of your incidents such as happy times spent with YoungSaeng in Y.E.S homepage, official homepage, fan board, etc, or very~~ hard time you’ve faced,
Right~ this was it…! kind of moment.

For those who think that ‘I don’t have any incidents TT-TT’
Please leave a birthday congratulatory message for YoungSaeng!!

We will be giving away 10 special, normal edition set of Over Joyed by random draw!
And another 10 more winners will win a normal edition.

The remaining 10 normal edition will be given through twitter event.
Please look forward to B2M twitter event mention.

Event period : 2012-10-17 Wednesday ~ 11-03 Saturday, 12 midnight


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do you know if there is an event like fan meeting or some thing i want send flowers to hem but i don’t know the address help me please

Comment by pretty peas 라나 (@1_rn)

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