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SG Noona’s Sponsored Child
November 27, 2012, 15:07
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An initiative by Kyu Jong’s bias fans in SG Noonas. Since the day Kyu announced his enlistment, the Kyu bias fans in SG Noonas have been cracking our brains on what to do in these 2 years to commemorate his enlistment. Showering him with expensive gifts is not SG Noonas’ style. Naming a Star/Tree has already been done by other fans and it is neither SG Noonas’ style. Naming a building/yacht is beyond SG Noonas financial ability. A discussion over a sumptuous Korean dinner brought us to a conclusion: Let’s all put our money together and sponsor a child from World Vision International.

In September 2012, this child ‘Oidovtangad’ from Mongolia has officially been sponsored by Kyu bias fans in SG Noonas. He is 6 years old this year and has a brother. He’s living with his parents in a poor area of central Mongolia. Isn’t he adorable? ^^

The SG Noonas understand that sponsoring a child is a life-time commitment. 10 or more years down the road, if the SG Noonas are no longer SS501 fans, this child will still be supported by us. This is the commitment we made to the child. Of course, the SG Noonas hope to be SS501 fans forever.


11/20 [trans] From. KyuJong (2012.11.20)
November 20, 2012, 18:09
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11/20 [trans] From. KyuJong (2012.11.20)

Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @ &


Hello! X 501
It has been a long time isn’t it??
It is cold, is everyone taking care not to catch flu and staying healthy?! Cannot fall sick~ You’ll get scolded if you fall sick!^^
November is already passing by for 2012 too. Time flies and flies really fast!
Oh!! I’ve received with gratefulness, the gifts and letters sent for 11-Nov by Pretties~
Pretties are always thinking of me! Thanks to the encouragements and saying that you’re missing me, I am spending each and every day healthily and enjoyably~
I miss everyone.. Miss you..^^
I once saw this sentence in a book. “From the everyday goods that were used by me for a long time, I can feel that there is a slight smell of friendship” As such, the things that stay with me for a long time gives me a comfortable as well as a joyous feeling. But with the beautiful love that we have by feeling for each other’s emotions, you don’t know how much more joyous and comfortable it felt. I think it is because the times we were together are neatly stacked up in my heart. I’m always grateful but the feeling of sorry seems to become as much as my grateful feelings..
Like how much we have grown attached to each other, I wanted to take care of you more and be good to you. Sorry that I wasn’t able to be good to you as much as I wanted to. Hm! But I will definitely give a big gift to Pretties~
Always being the strength for me, making me not to be contented with the current but to be dreaming of an even bigger dream, thank you<3
I will spend this winter warmly by thinking of Pretties^^!
So then, till the day we meet again next time~ Bye~!^^ Bye bye~~~ ❤
P.S Hope that you will have a beautiful end to 2012! Be careful not to catch the cold~

11/01 [trans] 2013 Heo YoungSaeng Season Greeting Release
November 1, 2012, 17:06
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11/01 [trans] 2013 Heo YoungSaeng Season Greeting Release

Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @ &


Hello. This is B2Ment.
It is already late autumn and early winter of year 2012 in a blink.
About this time of the year, we are ending the year while
Starting a little to prepare for the next year isn’t it? ^^

Preparing for the year 2013,
B2M will be releasing the official 2013 Heo YoungSaeng Season Greeting .

Release details and format as follows :

Release date : 6 December 2012
Format : 2013 desktop calendar made with new photoshoot picc
(Includes over 40 photos, size 23cm x 29cm)
Poster type 2013 Yearly Calendar (60cm X 42cm)
Calendar making BTS video DVD (approximately 20mins)

**Will update more on the pre-order details.