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SG Noona’s Sponsored Child
November 27, 2012, 15:07
Filed under: A Show of Our Support, Kim Kyu Jong

An initiative by Kyu Jong’s bias fans in SG Noonas. Since the day Kyu announced his enlistment, the Kyu bias fans in SG Noonas have been cracking our brains on what to do in these 2 years to commemorate his enlistment. Showering him with expensive gifts is not SG Noonas’ style. Naming a Star/Tree has already been done by other fans and it is neither SG Noonas’ style. Naming a building/yacht is beyond SG Noonas financial ability. A discussion over a sumptuous Korean dinner brought us to a conclusion: Let’s all put our money together and sponsor a child from World Vision International.

In September 2012, this child ‘Oidovtangad’ from Mongolia has officially been sponsored by Kyu bias fans in SG Noonas. He is 6 years old this year and has a brother. He’s living with his parents in a poor area of central Mongolia. Isn’t he adorable? ^^

The SG Noonas understand that sponsoring a child is a life-time commitment. 10 or more years down the road, if the SG Noonas are no longer SS501 fans, this child will still be supported by us. This is the commitment we made to the child. Of course, the SG Noonas hope to be SS501 fans forever.


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Wow…… Really really nice! I know Kyu Jong is smiling knowing what his noonas have done….

Comment by etet

Just thinking more about your gesture as I was driving home. KJ and really all the Boys speak from their hearts. And what they give us means so much to us. They touch our hearts. So you have opened your hearts to the heart of this one person who knows nothing of SS501 or Kyu Jong, so his heart in an indirect way can also join this circle that has been created. Wow!!! How 5 boys have slowly changed the world! But isn’t that all it takes… One person touching one person who touches another person….. Truly special.. ThanKYU!

Comment by etet

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