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09/27 [trans] Heo YoungSaeng 2013 Seoul Concert Ticketing Details
September 27, 2013, 17:49
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09/27 [trans] Heo YoungSaeng 2013 Seoul Concert Ticketing Details

Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @ &


Hello. This is B2M Entertainment.

Upcoming 26-Oct! Is Heo YoungSaeng’s first solo concert in Seoul.

This is the notice about the ticket purchase.

We are not responding to any enquiries about this concert,
Details are as below and you can refer to the ticketing websites too.
Thank you.

[Concert Details]
Concert Name: 2013 Heo Young Saeng SEOUL CONCERT “0513 MY STORY”

Date/Time: 26 October 2013 (Sat) 7.30pm

Venue: UNIQLO AX Hall (previous AX Korea – GwangJang-dong, GwangJin-gu, Seoul 319-33)

Ticket price: flat-price 99,000won (includes tax)


[Ticketing Details]
# Fan club priority ticketing open – 2 October 2013 (Wed) 8pm (*B2M updated the time to 8pm on 09/30)
# Normal ticketing open – 4 October 2013 (Fri) 6pm

Ticketing agent: Auction Ticket
Ticketing enquiries hotline: Auction ticket 1566-1369

[Important information about Fan Club priority ticket purchase]
1. Fan club priority ticket purchase is only available through Auction Ticket ( from 2-Oct at 8pm.
2. 2 tickets per person can be purchased during the ticketing.
3. To verify your fan club membership, after logging in to Auction Ticket with your ID and password, indicate your name that you’ve used for joining the fan club / membership number (6 digits) and they will be able to verify.
4. Fan club member verification period will be on 2-Oct.
5. During fan club priority ticket purchase, you will be required to do the verification once initially, and will not be able to do any additional verification.
6. Fan club priority ticket purchase is only available on 2-Oct, Wednesday, thereafter it will not be available anymore. For those who wish to purchase after that, please purchase it via the normal ticketing period.

[Important information about normal ticket purchase]
1. Normal ticket purchase will open from 4-Oct (Fri) at 6pm through Auction Ticket (
2. 4 tickets per person can be purchased during the ticketing.
3. To avoid confusion on the concert day, those who purchased the tickets in advance will need to have their tickets mailed to them, we seek for your understanding.
*Mailing date : 10-Oct
4. There will be no reissue of tickets, and without a ticket, you will be denied entry so please keep your tickets safe.
5. When using bank transfer for the ticket purchase, please transfer before 11:59:59 on the following day to complete the purchase. In the event if the money is not paid within the stipulated time, please note that the purchase will be auto-cancelled.
In addition, please make sure that the full amount payable is made correctly when transferring the money, if the amount is wrong, the purchase will be auto-cancelled.
*As different banks will have different cut-off time for money transfers, please check with your respective bank prior to purchase.
6. Please note that we will not be responsible for any losses resulting from personal information leakage to other people in the process of letting your ticket to others after the purchase.
We urge for you to purchase the tickets through the ticketing website directly so as to avoid any harm as stated above.
7. For any enquiries relating to the ticket purchase, please contact Auction Ticket Customer Service at 1566-1369.
Operating hours : Mon-Sat 9am to 6pm / Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays

[ Rules on Entry and Watching the Concert ]
1. Child above 7 years old is eligible to enter.
2. 1 ticket per person is required for entry, children must have tickets too.
3. The entry for this concert will start 1 hour before the concert start time, we hope that you can enter into the venue at least 10 minutes prior to concert start time in order for the concert to run smoothly. We wish to inform you that you may be denied entry once the concert has started.
4. This concert will be divided into STANDING sections and assigned seats sections.
5. For STANDING sections, the number you have selected in the desired section during purchase is the number for the order of entry and not a seat number
After entry, you can only stay within the section to watch the concert, you will not be able to go to other sections.
The gates will open 2 hours prior to concert start time, you will have to queue according to your section and entry number.
After the gates open, the entry number will be voided, so we hope that you come on time prior to gates open to avoid any disadvantage.
6. For assigned seats sections, you can watch the concert only in the seats that you have selected during ticket purchase.
After entry to venue, please do not sit on other seats other than your assigned seats.
7. In the concert venue, use of camcorder, digital camera, handphone, mp3, and other recording devices are prohibited.
When caught, you will be asked to leave after deleting the data in your tape, film, memory card.
8. LED board, placard, firecracker, gun powder and other supporting gears might be of hindrance to other audience thus we hope you can voluntarily refrain from bringing. If the above mentioned supporting gears were brought into the venue, we will confiscate them.
9. The traffic will be congested on the concert day so we hope that you can opt for public transport if possible.
10. This concert will be cancelled if there is any occurrence of disasters.
11. In order to have a smooth operation for this concert, we hope you are well-informed of the above rules and regulations, in cases where there are confusion and accidents caused by not following the above, we will not take responsibility to it.
We hope that you will keep in order for the Korea’s matured concert culture.

[ Transportation Details ]
Subway : Line 5 Gwangnaru station, exit 2, walk 5 minutes
Bus : GanSeon Bus number 130, 370, alight at Gwangnaru station, walk 5 minutes

** The traffic will be congested on the concert day so we hope that you can opt for public transport if possible.


09/25 [news] Kim HyungJun, KBS New Daily Drama ‘Love Through Song’ Lead Actor…Playing Opposite DaSom
September 25, 2013, 11:10
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09/25 [news] Kim HyungJun, KBS New Daily Drama ‘Love Through Song’ Lead Actor…Playing Opposite DaSom

Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @ &


Singer cum actor Kim HyungJun has been appointed as the lead actor for KBS1 new daily drama.

On the 25th, Kim HyungJun’s agency SPLUS revealed that Kim HyungJun has been casted as the lead actor for KBS1 new daily drama ‘Love Through Song’.


Kim HyungJun recently acted in popular MBC weekend drama ‘Gold!Appear’ as a cute childish MongKyu which he has portrayed realistically. He has been confirmed for this daily drama right after the weekend drama, as the leading main actor, which confirms his status as an actor.

‘Love Through Song’ illustrates the appreciation of family in the current individualistic society and talks about 3 families reflecting on themselves on the pains they brought to others.

In the drama, Kim HyungJun acts as TaeKyung, a theatre representative cum musical actor who is a perfectionist at work but a gentle and caring guy outside of his work.

He will act alongside with DaSom, whose role is of an aspiring musical actress, gaining anticipations for their roles together. This drama will be aired in November after ‘Sincerity Moves The Heaven’.

Meanwhile, besides the news of his casting in this new daily drama, the movie ‘Actor is Actor’ which he has made special appearance in, has been nominated in the Panorama category (Korean Movie) in Busan International Film Festival, thus Kim HyungJun will be attending his very first BIFF red carpet in early October as a movie actor.

09/18 [trans] YoungSaeng Seoul Concert 2013
September 18, 2013, 15:56
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09/18 [trans] YoungSaeng Seoul Concert 2013

Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @ &


Hello. This is B2M ent.
This is to inform you that Heo YoungSaeng Seoul Concert has been confirmed.

Date : 26 October 2013 (Saturday)
Venue : UNIQLO-AX (Seoul GwangJin-gu GwangJang-dong 319-33)

The exact time and ticket sale details are still in discussion but we will post up a notice once it has been confirmed.

+ I’m sure there are many who are curious about Heo YoungSaeng’s enlistment.
We have not receive any definite information thus we are unable to post any notice about this and we seek for your understanding.
We will post up a notice once we get any confirmed information, please wait awhile more..
Thank you.

09/03 [trans] Kim HyungJun “SS501 has not disbanded…Will be together again someday” (Interview 2)
September 4, 2013, 01:52
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09/03 [trans] Kim HyungJun “SS501 has not disbanded…Will be together again someday” (Interview 2)

Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @ &


Singer cum actor Kim HyungJun who appears in MBC weekend drama ‘Gold!Appear’, is very serious about his attitude about acting as well as the determination as an actor and on the other hand, he harbours the passion in his heart as a singer. Appearing in MBC ‘Golden Fishery – Radio Star’, shows his surprising comic attractiveness, his warm tears when talking about the death of his puppy, and surprisingly an innocent young guy who fell into sorrow when he saw fans feeling unwell. And he is a member of SS501, who promised that they will return again as a group.

– Your body definitely feels healthier than before.

“I exercise a lot. When I was skinny back then, I was 52kg. I’m now 70kg. I will lose about 5 or 6 kg when I release an album.”

– You seem to be well-liked by sunbae (senior) actors, are you usually good with elder people?

“Not good. I am more of the awkward type (with elders). Initially I only greeted them with a bow, but because I have a cheerful character, aegyo comes out but not really aegyo (*not aegyo that he does but something that others view as aegyo). Fortunately, sunbaenim likes it.”

– The song ‘Two of us’ that you released recently. It is duet with Sunny Hill’s Kota. Song is good. Why don’t you have promotional activities for it?

“I don’t have plans to do activities for ‘Two of us’ and actually it was first suggested by me to the company to commemorate my birthday. I (said) will work on it and let’s do it together. It came out a little late due to some circumstances, it has been a long time since I had my name on music so I wanted to do it and the music video was filmed beautifully.”

– Don’t you want to go on music program broadcast?

“I want to. These days there are so many groups coming out. It isn’t like this during our times. There is only DongBangShinGi hyungs and us two groups, so we’re loving towards each other. Looking at the recent groups, I will think ‘It must be fun’, ‘We could get closer if we use the same waiting room’. With good opportunities and good music, I want to gain recognition again.”

– Is there any plans to have activities as SS501 together?

“We talked about it with each other. We also talked about it openly during interviews that we had individually. It is nothing difficult. However there were several overlaps as a man (*probably referring to enlisting to army) when the opportunity came so we said we will do it when everyone is back. Members also meet up often. Met up and talked, and often call each other up. We temporarily stopped our activities, we never said we are disbanded. Whether people believe it or not, everything will come to light when we show you next time. Standing on the stage, having concert. Our role model Shinhwa hyungs are still here (*active, not disbanded too), that is always our target to be like them. We will do it someday, without missing any of our members. When I watch variety programs, I would think that we will be able to do it funnily.”

– Heard you’re a soccer manic, and a team captain?

“I’m the team captain for FC Avengers. I play the striker in the team. Actually, shouldn’t better players be defender or winger? Striker can be (someone) not as good. Striker seems easy but it is not, in an amateur team, the ambiguous ability should be used as the striker (laughs). Even so, I can score goals. I score 1 goal per match. A lot of fans come for the soccer match too. Seeing that fans coming rain or shine, regardless of weather conditions, I will definitely not take it for granted and be thankful to them. I thought about if I would do such a thing for someone whom I like. Thank you. For I have a place where I can be near to fans.”

– Heard that an elderly went to your birthday party cum fan meeting recently.

“She came from Japan. She wasn’t my fan initially, she came to one of my event with someone else and since then, she likes me and always comes with her walking stick. I didn’t know that she would come all the way to Korea. I am really thankful. It felt like seeing my grandmother or a family member. I wanted to do everything for her. Thinking about how difficult it must have been for her to decide to come here and how hard it is to endure the hot weather, I felt so grateful. I will be good to you for the rest of my live.”

– Is there any other fans you remember?

“There are several fans, I will get such thoughts especially when I see fans feeling unwell. Thoughts like ‘I must put in my best. I cannot break down.’ They were not feeling well and if I don’t do well, how disappointed would they get, and I worry about their health too.”

– How are your puppies?

“One of them died recently. I cried a lot. I fell into panic for one week. I can’t even work. Looking at people who raise dogs for companionship, I thought how sad would that be, I was very sad. My tears will roll when I see his photos. I went out for a drink and I cried for about an hour in front of my friend. It was my first time feeling that someone has left me.”

– You’ve requested for a song from JYP openly in ‘Radio Star’ last time.

“I contacted him few times recently, but I can’t bear to ask for a song, so I didn’t. Hyung said he saw that broadcast. ‘Really thank you’ he said. But there still isn’t any news of the song yet. I must get the song from him by this year (laughs).”

– You were really funny in ‘Radio Star’ where you appeared in.

“I didn’t know who will be appearing as guests, I also didn’t know it was a ‘ingenuous special’ episode. I think that broadcast will stay with me for the rest of my life. Now I want to appear again in ‘Radio Star’ in a ‘Gold!Appear’ Special, with the young actors/actresses in the drama!”

– It has been over 4 years as a DJ for SBS Power FM ‘Kim HyungJun’s Music High’. What is the attraction of radio?

“I like about talking about myself. Also (what I like is) people’s responses and people listening to me. Also while giving advices, I will also listen to someone else’s story. A place for communication is really precious. When I am not having other activities, I don’t have a need to meet anyone else, I can’t meet them even if I want to, I can’t talk to them even if I want to, but the advantage of radio is that I am able to share various stories.”

– It has been 8 years since you debut in 2005. When is the moment that you’re happiest?

“There are really a lot of times, but I am happiest now. I feel really great about the fact that I am doing something that I am able to do. There are a lot of people who can’t do what they wanted to, there are also many who intended to do but because of some circumstances, they can’t. Thus I am thankful that I have such an opportunity and I am thankful to myself now. And I also feel happy right now at this moment having this interview”

09/03 [trans] “Gold!Appear” Kim HyungJun’s reason for looking at hateful comments? “I used to be scared of it…” (Interview 1)
September 4, 2013, 01:51
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09/03 [trans] “Gold!Appear” Kim HyungJun’s reason for looking at hateful comments? “I used to be scared of it…” (Interview 1)

Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @ &


Acting as MongKyu, a kangaroo (*always staying in the shelter of mother) family’s childish son, in the popular MBC weekend drama “Gold! Appear”, Kim HyungJun is a singer cum actor who came from a 5-member male group SS501 consisting of Kim HyunJoong, Heo YoungSaeng, Kim KyuJong and Park JungMin. However, these days when Kim HyungJun goes to restaurants to eat, he will hear this. “Omo, aren’t you the rebellious kid? The good-for-nothing! Please listen to your mother.”

Owing to the success of the drama, the people who recognises Kim HyungJun has diversified a lot as compared to when he was having his group activities. “Even a lot of young kids know me these days, and especially old people begin to like me more. I don’t know how to react to it” he said with a shy smile.

Through musical “café-in”, drama “Glowing She” and “I Love You”, Kim HyungJun displayed his capability as an actor, “Gold!Appear” is a challenge in acting on national TV for him. Even though there are times where he felt nervous in the filming set, or being pointed out for his mistake, Kim HyungJun said “It seems like there isn’t much I do to contribute, but to be part of a successful drama, I felt good and gained a lot of confidence.” Something to smile about is how fortunate to be taught by great senior actors.

When acting with actor Lee SoonJae in “I Love You”, “I was scared since rehearsal stage. Especially I knew that Lee SoonJae sunsaengnim (teacher) is never late, looking at him coming early and comprehend the role, I get goosebumps. I felt like ‘Indeed, sunsaengnims are different. I must continue to learn in my whole life.’” Now for actress Ban HyoJung and Kim JiYoung who acts as Jung MongKyu’s two grandmothers in “Gold!Appear”, he said “Both of them really helped me a lot and they treated me like a grandson. When the camera is off, even during rest time they will come to me and teach me things about acting.”

He is close with actor Park SeoJun who acts as the husband of his younger sister Jung MongHyun (Baek JinHee) in the drama. Even their squabbling in the drama seems more like openly joking with same-age friends rather than acting. “Don’t we have ‘chemi’ (internet slang usually used to describe how suitable a guy and girl are)? I thought I won’t get along well with (Park) SeoJun initially. Because both of us are bright/cheerful. He is like me. He is cheerful and lively like me, I don’t know why but I felt that I will be dejected if both of us are put together. However these days, we keep in contact and there are times that we go out for drinks too.” He laughed.

Kim YeWon who leaves a strong impression in movie “Sunny”, appears in “Gold!Appear” as Kim HyungJun’s counterpart. Before Kim YeWon appear in the drama, Kim HyungJun said “I am lonely” in the drama press conference because there was no love line for him.

Kim HyungJun said “I made guesses who will be the one, to be frank, I was surprised when I first heard it was (Kim) YeWon. She’s someone who did many movies before and I am nervous because I don’t know her. I also imagine her as the image in “Sunny”. But after meeting her, I find her really kind. And surprisingly, she is quiet at times too. She is matured even though we are of the same age. She’s kind by nature. I think because she has lots of acting experience so she is able to lead me in acting. Indeed, she is good in acting, steady and comfortable to be with.” Asked if there are too little scenes of them showing their love and affection, he replied “It’s a pity. I wanted to hug, and get married, then make more stories thereafter, but the drama ended, so it’s really a pity.”

When asked to rate his own acting skill, he said “I’m still lacking”. Having activities as a singer first, he would have a different feeling even standing in front of the same camera, “Acting is something long and difficult. As a singer, going on stage for 3 minutes seems like 30 minutes, we would spent 3 hours together for the 3 minutes, once it started, there is no stopping. But acting is to pace out in 50 episodes and show a little each time, so there are times where I felt frustrated. I want to show everything at once but it is difficult to express something too long. On the other hand, I learn to think more and become more focused.” Kim HyungJun said which expresses that he is still trying to find his sense of identity in acting and is working towards it.

He acknowledges the negative perception about idols-turn-actors. Asked if it is a burden, he replied “I must do it if I like it. Even if anyone were to scold me…” He also said that he has checked all the critical responses/comments.

“I search for not good ones (comments or responses) and works hard to improve. I want to be better with those scoldings. Actually I felt really sad to see (such responses) when I had activities at a younger age than now. I think ‘Will I be able to do my activities when I hear these words?’ And somehow it seems like one of my fans is among those people, and that I will meet them one day if I continue on (having activities). It was scary. But now I don’t feel that way, especially when I’m doing my solo activities, I will search for those responses and takes it as an opportunity to reflect on myself. It is no use to confine myself like a frog in the well. Listen to the majority, if the majority hates it, listen and accept gracefully. That is my job. But there are also netizens who look into details in acting and points out errors. They are sincere. And I’m thankful because they are watching me.”

I think such attitude of Kim HyungJun is because of his sincerity in acting. His determination is obvious. “I want to be recognised for acting too. I want to be a guy who does well in both. I hate to hear things like ‘He goes into acting because he can’t make it as a singer’. ‘He is really doing good’, as a singer, actor and if possible, in love relationship. I want to gain recognition and show the best of me. I want to be a guy who gets loved.”