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09/03 [trans] “Gold!Appear” Kim HyungJun’s reason for looking at hateful comments? “I used to be scared of it…” (Interview 1)
September 4, 2013, 01:51
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09/03 [trans] “Gold!Appear” Kim HyungJun’s reason for looking at hateful comments? “I used to be scared of it…” (Interview 1)

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Acting as MongKyu, a kangaroo (*always staying in the shelter of mother) family’s childish son, in the popular MBC weekend drama “Gold! Appear”, Kim HyungJun is a singer cum actor who came from a 5-member male group SS501 consisting of Kim HyunJoong, Heo YoungSaeng, Kim KyuJong and Park JungMin. However, these days when Kim HyungJun goes to restaurants to eat, he will hear this. “Omo, aren’t you the rebellious kid? The good-for-nothing! Please listen to your mother.”

Owing to the success of the drama, the people who recognises Kim HyungJun has diversified a lot as compared to when he was having his group activities. “Even a lot of young kids know me these days, and especially old people begin to like me more. I don’t know how to react to it” he said with a shy smile.

Through musical “café-in”, drama “Glowing She” and “I Love You”, Kim HyungJun displayed his capability as an actor, “Gold!Appear” is a challenge in acting on national TV for him. Even though there are times where he felt nervous in the filming set, or being pointed out for his mistake, Kim HyungJun said “It seems like there isn’t much I do to contribute, but to be part of a successful drama, I felt good and gained a lot of confidence.” Something to smile about is how fortunate to be taught by great senior actors.

When acting with actor Lee SoonJae in “I Love You”, “I was scared since rehearsal stage. Especially I knew that Lee SoonJae sunsaengnim (teacher) is never late, looking at him coming early and comprehend the role, I get goosebumps. I felt like ‘Indeed, sunsaengnims are different. I must continue to learn in my whole life.’” Now for actress Ban HyoJung and Kim JiYoung who acts as Jung MongKyu’s two grandmothers in “Gold!Appear”, he said “Both of them really helped me a lot and they treated me like a grandson. When the camera is off, even during rest time they will come to me and teach me things about acting.”

He is close with actor Park SeoJun who acts as the husband of his younger sister Jung MongHyun (Baek JinHee) in the drama. Even their squabbling in the drama seems more like openly joking with same-age friends rather than acting. “Don’t we have ‘chemi’ (internet slang usually used to describe how suitable a guy and girl are)? I thought I won’t get along well with (Park) SeoJun initially. Because both of us are bright/cheerful. He is like me. He is cheerful and lively like me, I don’t know why but I felt that I will be dejected if both of us are put together. However these days, we keep in contact and there are times that we go out for drinks too.” He laughed.

Kim YeWon who leaves a strong impression in movie “Sunny”, appears in “Gold!Appear” as Kim HyungJun’s counterpart. Before Kim YeWon appear in the drama, Kim HyungJun said “I am lonely” in the drama press conference because there was no love line for him.

Kim HyungJun said “I made guesses who will be the one, to be frank, I was surprised when I first heard it was (Kim) YeWon. She’s someone who did many movies before and I am nervous because I don’t know her. I also imagine her as the image in “Sunny”. But after meeting her, I find her really kind. And surprisingly, she is quiet at times too. She is matured even though we are of the same age. She’s kind by nature. I think because she has lots of acting experience so she is able to lead me in acting. Indeed, she is good in acting, steady and comfortable to be with.” Asked if there are too little scenes of them showing their love and affection, he replied “It’s a pity. I wanted to hug, and get married, then make more stories thereafter, but the drama ended, so it’s really a pity.”

When asked to rate his own acting skill, he said “I’m still lacking”. Having activities as a singer first, he would have a different feeling even standing in front of the same camera, “Acting is something long and difficult. As a singer, going on stage for 3 minutes seems like 30 minutes, we would spent 3 hours together for the 3 minutes, once it started, there is no stopping. But acting is to pace out in 50 episodes and show a little each time, so there are times where I felt frustrated. I want to show everything at once but it is difficult to express something too long. On the other hand, I learn to think more and become more focused.” Kim HyungJun said which expresses that he is still trying to find his sense of identity in acting and is working towards it.

He acknowledges the negative perception about idols-turn-actors. Asked if it is a burden, he replied “I must do it if I like it. Even if anyone were to scold me…” He also said that he has checked all the critical responses/comments.

“I search for not good ones (comments or responses) and works hard to improve. I want to be better with those scoldings. Actually I felt really sad to see (such responses) when I had activities at a younger age than now. I think ‘Will I be able to do my activities when I hear these words?’ And somehow it seems like one of my fans is among those people, and that I will meet them one day if I continue on (having activities). It was scary. But now I don’t feel that way, especially when I’m doing my solo activities, I will search for those responses and takes it as an opportunity to reflect on myself. It is no use to confine myself like a frog in the well. Listen to the majority, if the majority hates it, listen and accept gracefully. That is my job. But there are also netizens who look into details in acting and points out errors. They are sincere. And I’m thankful because they are watching me.”

I think such attitude of Kim HyungJun is because of his sincerity in acting. His determination is obvious. “I want to be recognised for acting too. I want to be a guy who does well in both. I hate to hear things like ‘He goes into acting because he can’t make it as a singer’. ‘He is really doing good’, as a singer, actor and if possible, in love relationship. I want to gain recognition and show the best of me. I want to be a guy who gets loved.”


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