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09/03 [trans] Kim HyungJun “SS501 has not disbanded…Will be together again someday” (Interview 2)
September 4, 2013, 01:52
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09/03 [trans] Kim HyungJun “SS501 has not disbanded…Will be together again someday” (Interview 2)

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Singer cum actor Kim HyungJun who appears in MBC weekend drama ‘Gold!Appear’, is very serious about his attitude about acting as well as the determination as an actor and on the other hand, he harbours the passion in his heart as a singer. Appearing in MBC ‘Golden Fishery – Radio Star’, shows his surprising comic attractiveness, his warm tears when talking about the death of his puppy, and surprisingly an innocent young guy who fell into sorrow when he saw fans feeling unwell. And he is a member of SS501, who promised that they will return again as a group.

– Your body definitely feels healthier than before.

“I exercise a lot. When I was skinny back then, I was 52kg. I’m now 70kg. I will lose about 5 or 6 kg when I release an album.”

– You seem to be well-liked by sunbae (senior) actors, are you usually good with elder people?

“Not good. I am more of the awkward type (with elders). Initially I only greeted them with a bow, but because I have a cheerful character, aegyo comes out but not really aegyo (*not aegyo that he does but something that others view as aegyo). Fortunately, sunbaenim likes it.”

– The song ‘Two of us’ that you released recently. It is duet with Sunny Hill’s Kota. Song is good. Why don’t you have promotional activities for it?

“I don’t have plans to do activities for ‘Two of us’ and actually it was first suggested by me to the company to commemorate my birthday. I (said) will work on it and let’s do it together. It came out a little late due to some circumstances, it has been a long time since I had my name on music so I wanted to do it and the music video was filmed beautifully.”

– Don’t you want to go on music program broadcast?

“I want to. These days there are so many groups coming out. It isn’t like this during our times. There is only DongBangShinGi hyungs and us two groups, so we’re loving towards each other. Looking at the recent groups, I will think ‘It must be fun’, ‘We could get closer if we use the same waiting room’. With good opportunities and good music, I want to gain recognition again.”

– Is there any plans to have activities as SS501 together?

“We talked about it with each other. We also talked about it openly during interviews that we had individually. It is nothing difficult. However there were several overlaps as a man (*probably referring to enlisting to army) when the opportunity came so we said we will do it when everyone is back. Members also meet up often. Met up and talked, and often call each other up. We temporarily stopped our activities, we never said we are disbanded. Whether people believe it or not, everything will come to light when we show you next time. Standing on the stage, having concert. Our role model Shinhwa hyungs are still here (*active, not disbanded too), that is always our target to be like them. We will do it someday, without missing any of our members. When I watch variety programs, I would think that we will be able to do it funnily.”

– Heard you’re a soccer manic, and a team captain?

“I’m the team captain for FC Avengers. I play the striker in the team. Actually, shouldn’t better players be defender or winger? Striker can be (someone) not as good. Striker seems easy but it is not, in an amateur team, the ambiguous ability should be used as the striker (laughs). Even so, I can score goals. I score 1 goal per match. A lot of fans come for the soccer match too. Seeing that fans coming rain or shine, regardless of weather conditions, I will definitely not take it for granted and be thankful to them. I thought about if I would do such a thing for someone whom I like. Thank you. For I have a place where I can be near to fans.”

– Heard that an elderly went to your birthday party cum fan meeting recently.

“She came from Japan. She wasn’t my fan initially, she came to one of my event with someone else and since then, she likes me and always comes with her walking stick. I didn’t know that she would come all the way to Korea. I am really thankful. It felt like seeing my grandmother or a family member. I wanted to do everything for her. Thinking about how difficult it must have been for her to decide to come here and how hard it is to endure the hot weather, I felt so grateful. I will be good to you for the rest of my live.”

– Is there any other fans you remember?

“There are several fans, I will get such thoughts especially when I see fans feeling unwell. Thoughts like ‘I must put in my best. I cannot break down.’ They were not feeling well and if I don’t do well, how disappointed would they get, and I worry about their health too.”

– How are your puppies?

“One of them died recently. I cried a lot. I fell into panic for one week. I can’t even work. Looking at people who raise dogs for companionship, I thought how sad would that be, I was very sad. My tears will roll when I see his photos. I went out for a drink and I cried for about an hour in front of my friend. It was my first time feeling that someone has left me.”

– You’ve requested for a song from JYP openly in ‘Radio Star’ last time.

“I contacted him few times recently, but I can’t bear to ask for a song, so I didn’t. Hyung said he saw that broadcast. ‘Really thank you’ he said. But there still isn’t any news of the song yet. I must get the song from him by this year (laughs).”

– You were really funny in ‘Radio Star’ where you appeared in.

“I didn’t know who will be appearing as guests, I also didn’t know it was a ‘ingenuous special’ episode. I think that broadcast will stay with me for the rest of my life. Now I want to appear again in ‘Radio Star’ in a ‘Gold!Appear’ Special, with the young actors/actresses in the drama!”

– It has been over 4 years as a DJ for SBS Power FM ‘Kim HyungJun’s Music High’. What is the attraction of radio?

“I like about talking about myself. Also (what I like is) people’s responses and people listening to me. Also while giving advices, I will also listen to someone else’s story. A place for communication is really precious. When I am not having other activities, I don’t have a need to meet anyone else, I can’t meet them even if I want to, I can’t talk to them even if I want to, but the advantage of radio is that I am able to share various stories.”

– It has been 8 years since you debut in 2005. When is the moment that you’re happiest?

“There are really a lot of times, but I am happiest now. I feel really great about the fact that I am doing something that I am able to do. There are a lot of people who can’t do what they wanted to, there are also many who intended to do but because of some circumstances, they can’t. Thus I am thankful that I have such an opportunity and I am thankful to myself now. And I also feel happy right now at this moment having this interview”


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