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09/27 [trans] Heo YoungSaeng 2013 Seoul Concert Ticketing Details
September 27, 2013, 17:49
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09/27 [trans] Heo YoungSaeng 2013 Seoul Concert Ticketing Details

Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @ &


Hello. This is B2M Entertainment.

Upcoming 26-Oct! Is Heo YoungSaeng’s first solo concert in Seoul.

This is the notice about the ticket purchase.

We are not responding to any enquiries about this concert,
Details are as below and you can refer to the ticketing websites too.
Thank you.

[Concert Details]
Concert Name: 2013 Heo Young Saeng SEOUL CONCERT “0513 MY STORY”

Date/Time: 26 October 2013 (Sat) 7.30pm

Venue: UNIQLO AX Hall (previous AX Korea – GwangJang-dong, GwangJin-gu, Seoul 319-33)

Ticket price: flat-price 99,000won (includes tax)


[Ticketing Details]
# Fan club priority ticketing open – 2 October 2013 (Wed) 8pm (*B2M updated the time to 8pm on 09/30)
# Normal ticketing open – 4 October 2013 (Fri) 6pm

Ticketing agent: Auction Ticket
Ticketing enquiries hotline: Auction ticket 1566-1369

[Important information about Fan Club priority ticket purchase]
1. Fan club priority ticket purchase is only available through Auction Ticket ( from 2-Oct at 8pm.
2. 2 tickets per person can be purchased during the ticketing.
3. To verify your fan club membership, after logging in to Auction Ticket with your ID and password, indicate your name that you’ve used for joining the fan club / membership number (6 digits) and they will be able to verify.
4. Fan club member verification period will be on 2-Oct.
5. During fan club priority ticket purchase, you will be required to do the verification once initially, and will not be able to do any additional verification.
6. Fan club priority ticket purchase is only available on 2-Oct, Wednesday, thereafter it will not be available anymore. For those who wish to purchase after that, please purchase it via the normal ticketing period.

[Important information about normal ticket purchase]
1. Normal ticket purchase will open from 4-Oct (Fri) at 6pm through Auction Ticket (
2. 4 tickets per person can be purchased during the ticketing.
3. To avoid confusion on the concert day, those who purchased the tickets in advance will need to have their tickets mailed to them, we seek for your understanding.
*Mailing date : 10-Oct
4. There will be no reissue of tickets, and without a ticket, you will be denied entry so please keep your tickets safe.
5. When using bank transfer for the ticket purchase, please transfer before 11:59:59 on the following day to complete the purchase. In the event if the money is not paid within the stipulated time, please note that the purchase will be auto-cancelled.
In addition, please make sure that the full amount payable is made correctly when transferring the money, if the amount is wrong, the purchase will be auto-cancelled.
*As different banks will have different cut-off time for money transfers, please check with your respective bank prior to purchase.
6. Please note that we will not be responsible for any losses resulting from personal information leakage to other people in the process of letting your ticket to others after the purchase.
We urge for you to purchase the tickets through the ticketing website directly so as to avoid any harm as stated above.
7. For any enquiries relating to the ticket purchase, please contact Auction Ticket Customer Service at 1566-1369.
Operating hours : Mon-Sat 9am to 6pm / Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays

[ Rules on Entry and Watching the Concert ]
1. Child above 7 years old is eligible to enter.
2. 1 ticket per person is required for entry, children must have tickets too.
3. The entry for this concert will start 1 hour before the concert start time, we hope that you can enter into the venue at least 10 minutes prior to concert start time in order for the concert to run smoothly. We wish to inform you that you may be denied entry once the concert has started.
4. This concert will be divided into STANDING sections and assigned seats sections.
5. For STANDING sections, the number you have selected in the desired section during purchase is the number for the order of entry and not a seat number
After entry, you can only stay within the section to watch the concert, you will not be able to go to other sections.
The gates will open 2 hours prior to concert start time, you will have to queue according to your section and entry number.
After the gates open, the entry number will be voided, so we hope that you come on time prior to gates open to avoid any disadvantage.
6. For assigned seats sections, you can watch the concert only in the seats that you have selected during ticket purchase.
After entry to venue, please do not sit on other seats other than your assigned seats.
7. In the concert venue, use of camcorder, digital camera, handphone, mp3, and other recording devices are prohibited.
When caught, you will be asked to leave after deleting the data in your tape, film, memory card.
8. LED board, placard, firecracker, gun powder and other supporting gears might be of hindrance to other audience thus we hope you can voluntarily refrain from bringing. If the above mentioned supporting gears were brought into the venue, we will confiscate them.
9. The traffic will be congested on the concert day so we hope that you can opt for public transport if possible.
10. This concert will be cancelled if there is any occurrence of disasters.
11. In order to have a smooth operation for this concert, we hope you are well-informed of the above rules and regulations, in cases where there are confusion and accidents caused by not following the above, we will not take responsibility to it.
We hope that you will keep in order for the Korea’s matured concert culture.

[ Transportation Details ]
Subway : Line 5 Gwangnaru station, exit 2, walk 5 minutes
Bus : GanSeon Bus number 130, 370, alight at Gwangnaru station, walk 5 minutes

** The traffic will be congested on the concert day so we hope that you can opt for public transport if possible.


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thank you so much for the infomation trans ^^

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