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02/25 [trans] KyuJong’s Handwritten Letter Has Arrived
February 25, 2014, 18:05
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02/25 [trans] KyuJong’s Handwritten Letter Has Arrived

Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @ &


It was KyuJong’s birthday on 24-February! For all the fans who has wished him happy birthday, KyuJong has sent over a handwritten letter~


Hello! Hello!~ Kkyak! It has been a long time right?!~^^
Are you Pretties doing well~ 2014.02.24 has already passed and March is approaching!^^
Are you sticking to your new year’s resolution~ are you doing well, I’m curious (about that) and missing you.. sob..sob.. I believe (you are) doing well~^^♡
Ah..! I sincerely thank everyone who wished me happy birthday..
I am really touched as I received many well-wishes from lots of countries and including Korea! I really spent (my day) happy/blessed~^^
From pretty dong-saengs~ Sister! And even Aunts! Really thank you each and everyone.
A person like me, I am really a person who receives lots of fortune.. Made me feel this once again!
I will return this much happiness like this back (to you) as soon as possible! It’s a must!^^ Until the day we meet again, stay healthy! Be happy! Always think positive! And smiling^^ Hope that you will stay well~♡
Pretties~ Bye bye~^^♡



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Hi I’m nana from syria im one of your biggest fans around the world haapy birthday wish you the best please come back soon we want to see ss501 on stage again you unit the world by your songs we love you and support you stay safe

Comment by nana khattab

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