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11/05 [trans] YoungSaeng’s letter for Y.E.S
November 5, 2014, 19:51
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11/05 [trans] YoungSaeng’s letter for Y.E.S

Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @ &


This is B2M Entertainment.

YoungSaeng, who is working hard as a policeman for his military service,
Has sent his handwritten letter for his fans Y.E.S.

Please support YoungSaeng lots for him to do well for the rest of his military service life,
And we hope YoungSaeng’s letter will be encouraging to all the fans’ daily lives ^^..


(xiaochu note: words in (xx) are written by me to complete the sentence to make more sense. Let me know if there’re anything wrong since I’m not good in reading handwritten words)

To. Triple S and YES!
It has been 1 year since NonSan training camp that I have left a letter like this! Ke
Is everyone healthy? Living well? Are you lonely or feeling lonesome because I’m not around? Ke Everyone should stay healthy and happy~ So that I can finish the rest of my military service well…^^
No offence that I’m using casual words (ban mal)!! Just that the old memories (came upon me)…
I just want to have a casual conversation with you all.. and I’ll be thirty in a flash without knowing.. that’s why.. my favorite song recently is “at the age of thirty”

The reason why fans came to my mind today is.. because today is my
It came to my mind that in the past on my birthday.. I will leave message on the official homepage..
Somehow I think that handwritten letter is better..than SNS or homepage..
And also.. you have sent me handwritten letters too right? Ke
Even if my writing is difficult to read, strive on!!ke You should be able to figure out roughly what I’m
Curious about my news right? Today is my birthday..
What I’ve done was..

In the morning I went for a performance and sang “Let it go”..
My mother came.. If mother comes (to visit), I will be able to go out for the visit..
I will be able to go outside for awhile~ke For 4 hours! Super great right?ke
That’s why when I’m out, I ate Italian food, and went to GyeongBok Palace for the first time today! It was even larger than I thought~ke That’s why I quickly went around and came out.. And I also had a cup of coffee before I
And I bathed and did some cleaning up, rolling and rattle around.. and writing a letter

Anyway, I was thinking when I was reading your letters.. what nonsense to write as my contents~ every little details of my daily life~ And also this is what you have written~ “I have a lot to say.. but what else should I write…”
From now on, whatever your heart desires! I can sympathize with~~~kekeke

Was it because it is my birthday today? Or is it because it has been a year since I’ve entered military?
Feels very ironic~ke what am I saying~keke
Anyway! Weather is quite chilly now! Wear warm clothes when you go out so that you don’t catch a cold! And remember to eat your meals on time~ Stay healthy!!^^
So that when we meet again, we can smile and greet each other…^^

Ah!! And~
From end of November to January.. Seoul Police’s promotions unit will hold concerts!
(some words here I can’t figure) I will be taking on a supporting role.. Put some time aside and come to see me~keke my performance is about 30 minutes?
Will sing about 7 songs~ke Besides that, my friends in the promotions unit will perform~ so if you have time, come and enjoy~keke This is not self-promotion! Hope you think of this as an invitation…^^ Really~~~

Oh right~ I was writing this letter.. and suddenly the promotions unit members came singing~
Blew the candles and finished eating the cake~!! My friends~ I ate the cake well (the cake is delicious)~ke
I also received the flowers~ and received the natural soap! I should also eat rice cakes~~^^
Anyway, not sure when you will be reading this letter~ It will be great if you can read this very soon.. Why is that so? Well, just because~keke

Ah~ My friends~ I miss you..!! I want to quickly finish my military service and see you!
So don’t forget me, just! Wait for me~ I will make a splendid appearance!!ke

Ah~ Wrote so long (letter)!!ke looking at how my fingers are in pain…ke

Lastly… Hey! Always.. Thank you~ from the bottom of my heart…^^
And.. I love you!!

From YoungSaeng

P.S. Oh! Today is my birthday~! ‘Youngsaeng-ah~ Happy Birthday!’
And I couldn’t say happy birthday to you on your birthday TT

“Even though I am late, happy birthday~ thank you for being born into this world^^”
“Happy birthday! Grow up healthily like now!^^”
“Happy birthday in advance~^^ Even if we’re born again~ please be my friend still~^^”


10/31 [trans] KyuJong – KBSN Special Project Drama ‘S.O.S Please Save Me’ Casting Details
November 1, 2014, 16:06
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10/31 [trans] KyuJong – KBSN Special Project Drama ‘S.O.S Please Save Me’ Casting Details

Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @ &



This is B2M Entertainment.

Kim KyuJong has been cast for the role of Park JungJun in KBSN special project drama ‘S.O.S Please Save Me’.

It will premiere on 12 November (Wednesday) at 11pm.

It will be scheduled to be broadcasted through KBS DRAMA. KBS W channel at the same time so hope you can watch it.

This will be KyuJong’s first piece of work after his discharge from the military, hope that you can give him lots of support.

Thank you.