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06/16 [news] SS501 Kim KyuJong, Able To See Him in Drama…’Will Look Forward To It’
June 16, 2015, 19:03
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Kim KyuJong who is a member of popular group SS501, and active as a musical actor, he will be taking on a main role in a drama, acting alongside talented actress Yang JinSung.


According to Aoura Media who has produced ‘Bride of the century’, ‘Doctor Lee BangIn’, which have high ratings in China and Japan, they revealed “Co-produced with (company) Culture’s Window, we have casted Yang JinSung as the female lead for this drama ’28 Faces of the Moon’, and acting opposite her will be Kim KyuJong.”

They added “We have finished all the casting and have completed the script reading recently, we will be starting the filming soon.”

’28 Faces of the Moon’ is made into an 8 episode drama each lasting 10 minutes, and will be broadcasted in online channels in Japan and China in August. This ‘multi use drama’ is also scheduled to be broadcasted through local public TV in Autumn.

Characters includes WolHa, a lady who was killed before her marriage; KangWoo who can never forget her; Broadcast PD SungKyun, who kept on with the young love during school days and persistence eventually paid off; Broadcaster SuJin; etc, the storyline will unfold each of their uncanny and beautiful love.

Kim KyuJong will take up the role of KangWoo in this drama, Yang JinSung will act in 2 roles, as WolHa who is KangWoo’s fiancee, and JuHye who fell in love with KangWoo after WolHa’s death.

The production company revealed “The anticipation is great for the 2 actors, Yang JinSung who will be playing double roles which is not an easy task, and Kim KyuJong whose role requires the combine of rich emotions and past pains.”

They added and requested for the support for these actors/actresses, “We decided on the actor/actress by considering one who is able to convey the scenes with rich emotions and scripts with message within, using his/her acting abilities.”

Co-written by writers Go DaeHwa, Kang SuYeon and Jeon YeJi, ’28 Faces of the Moon’ carries the message of “Just like the form of the moon who has 28 different shapes and names, it will be the greatest love for that person no matter which type of love it is, all of us are being saved through love.”


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