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06/08 [trans] Exclusive Interview 3 : Double S 301 “Thank you members who made a difficult decision”
June 10, 2016, 00:53
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06/08 [trans] Exclusive Interview 3 : Double S 301 “Thank you members who made a difficult decision”

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Debut as a member of SS501 in 2005, they are already 12 years in the industry before they knew it. Now when they go to broadcast stations, there are more juniors than seniors, the broadcasting staff who they grew close with are now holding a higher position than before. The times that the members are together are also that long. Is it because of the trust and mindlessness that makes them being able to stay with each other for such a long time?

Division of roles came naturally having to be in activities together for a long time, they had a lot of discussions without Triple S. Heo YoungSaeng who is known as “Idea Bank” among the members is mainly giving positive suggestions, Kim HyungJun is positively “objecting” them. Kim KyuJong takes up the center role of mediating between them.

“Our characters are all different. KyuJong and I are very different, my values and polite thinking is quite similar with YoungSaeng hyung. The way we talk is also different, but our thinking are similar. But there are many differences in our thinking between KyuJong and I.” (Kim HyungJun)

“KyuJong is right in the middle. HyungJun’s style is he talks a lot about very practical things. I talk more of slightly more future-orientated things.” (Heo YoungSaeng)

“Hyung’s character is that he will change (decision) slightly according to his feelings, HyungJun is just speaking of the present reality, and tell us this is not feasible. HyungJun used to say “No, this is right”, but nowadays HyungJun listens to us a lot. As we continue to talk with each other, we are steered to a direction, I think that is great.” (Kim KyuJong)

“It’s quite different even when we read books. YoungSaeng hyung reads a lot of books on mind wellness, and books with good phrases or famous sayings. HyungJun reads a lot of those books like how to become rich, how to succeed in your twenties. For me? I only read poems. Because I don’t like reading long passages…(laughs)” (Kim KyuJong)

restmb_jhidxmake (1)

Even when the members don’t have any schedules, or have any special occasions, they will contact each other every day through group chats. It is a place where they talk privately about how they wish to see their fans. Through the chat space, they are literally “like lovers” contacting each other from the moment they open their eyes till they sleep.

“I will send a message once I wake up. I will reply immediately when HyungJun message, YoungSaeng’s message will come slowly.” (Kim KyuJong)

“We really contacted each other for nothing (important). When I work up, there are about 70 unread messages. I went in to read, there are about 20 messages in the company’s group chat, the group chat for 3 of us has about 30~40 messages. There are emoticons, and HyungJun’s style of sending message is that he will send short sentences. “Let’s meet later” he will send as “Let’s meet”, “later” separately. Thus there are many notifications.” (Heo YoungSaeng)

“I will send in the middle of the night too. It has become an everyday life to be contacting each other.” (Kim HyungJun)

“I thought I had an incoming call. Because the vibration was continuous (laughs)” (Heo YoungSaeng)

Hearing this, I wondered all of a sudden. Will they miss the times when they stay together in a dorm now that they are working together? Heo YoungSaeng’s reply is “Not at all”. Kim HyungJun said “Why do I feel that I want (to stay together in a dorm)?”, expressing his sadness.

restmb_jhidxmake (2)

Currently there are members who are living on his own and members who are living with family. The situation has changed greatly now that they are in their thirties as compared to when they are in their early twenties. It might be difficult to live together with each other again as a matter of fact. Even so, they mentioned “it would be fun to live together again”, showing the fond memories they had, and able to talk about the hard days with a smile.

“I think it will be even more fun if we live together now. We can sleep together if we end late, I guess it will be fun like that…One of the bad memories from back then was that the dorm will become a mess if the manager comes. He’s not good in cleaning up, and uses our things. If it is now, we would have talked about it, but back then we were still young so…” (Kim KyuJong)

“We had a regular program called “Thank you for waking me up” last time, I guess it was difficult to borrow a dorm every week. At that time KyuJong and I were living together because we came from other cities, due to the filming of that program they gave us a bigger place and that became our dorm. It was great for both of us, but for the members who are from Seoul, it was slightly forced upon them. Then I had a throat surgery and needed to rest so if we are still living in a dorm I couldn’t have rested well. Thus I rented a studio apartment urgently and moved out to rest for about a month, it was more comfortable that way.” (Heo YoungSaeng)

“It was fun during our living in Japan. HyungJun and I shared one room, the two hyungs shared one and JungMin had a room to himself. Because HyunJoong hyung and I like to drink soju, so we shared a room initially, and YoungSaeng hyung shared with HyungJun, JungMin sleeps alone. JungMin also had a room to himself during the time we live in Seoul too. He likes to live alone.” (Kim KyuJong)

“Because HyunJoong hyung and I likes to drink, we will get scolded by JungMin if we come home late after drinking. That’s why we thought “Well then why don’t we drink in the dorm?”, but after awhile of drinking we got scolded again…(laughs)” (Kim KyuJong)

Knowing each other for more than 11 years since at a tender age of late teens~early twenties. There are lots of ups and downs, and experiences many tough times. Their affection for their members are noticeable. I asked what is Double S 301’s strength, KyuJong replied after some considerations “Good person? From what I see, we are really nice to people around us. It may be a negative point but I think it is a strength in the long run.” Heo YoungSaeng said “I don’t think there are any other groups that are so kind and like a fool” showing his endless affection for the members.

That’s why it’s the most fun when the members are doing work together. Because when you are busy working, the complicated thoughts will be forgotten for the time being. You know more things now than when you’re younger, you have things you want to do, but things may not always go your way. In such situations where there might be set-backs, the members and their music and performance become a consolation.

restmb_jhidxmake (3)

So this was asked during a variety program. What does stage and music mean to Double S 301?

“Hyung has married to music. HyungJun is like he will die on stage if he were to die.” (Kim KyuJong)

“Stage is my playground. I am going to play. Even though I used to think that I must succeed no matter what, now I just want to show ourselves with this.” (Kim HyungJun)

“It was really fun. It was very fun when we have concerts and it was fun to go up on stage. But it is more fun when we go on stage as 3 people instead of alone. I think it will definitely be fun if there are 5 of us instead of 3. Also, it is not us filling up but we are all being filled, I didn’t know that before. When I was young, I thought having fans is a natural thing that comes, but now I know that convey your sincerity through how much you prepare (performance/albums), and that is what the fans looks forward to. When we sing the songs together, when we sing ballad songs, that is the moment that we identify with each other. While the fans sing, they will cry. When this happens, it becomes our happy energy. Now when we come on, we can all be go excited, have fun, be young just like the mood of the song even though everyone has definitely aged but that’s alright. Let’s have fun, it’s that kind of feeling.” (Kim KyuJong)

“They will follow even more when we do that, if you try to watch out for something then you will be thinking a lot which I think is totally not necessary. That’s why I continue to appeal to do what we want to do from our heart and members are also accepting of it. Each of us had our own solo activities for 3~4 years at different times, so we have to share those times, and set our minds to succeed. Don’t think too much and when we go up on stage, just sing for those who are watching us.” (Kim HyungJun)

restmb_jhidxmake (4)

Time to say everything you want, listen to everything you want. Finally, I asked what do they want to say to their members to end off the interview. They said they have done so recently, they talked a lot about each other like what I’ve requested, three of them were hesitant but ultimately started talking, saying what they would like to tell each other, in a composed but frank manner.

“It wasn’t easy to reunite three of us, I am thankful to the members for making some difficult decisions. Like the difficult decisions made, we will have good days ahead so don’t be too impatient and I hope that it can last for a long long time. My role model is Japanese group SMAP. It will be great if we can do it till we are in our fifties, it wouldn’t be difficult if we are like-minded. What I really want to do now is to understand and give in to each other, and adjust our mindsets alike. If we aren’t on the same page then we will not be able to even start like this so don’t be too worried, and I hope that I won’t get sick/injured. If I am sick/injured then I will not be able to show what I wanted to, so I pray for health so as not to be sorry to my members. We will be using 301 as our name continuously in the future, when doing activities was 501, 501 will be 501, I hope that we have a good promotional period as 3 who are enthusiastic and affectionate for 301.” (Kim HyungJun)

“When I was young, it seems like a dream to be able to debut. Thank you for doing it with me, and I thought that would be forever. But as we did our activities, we had arguments just like other people, looking back, we are alright but seems like there will be people who will talk bad about us. But as time passes, we reached an age where we are able to control the arguments, learn from our experience, hanging on, and finally reached here, I am very thankful for that. We told each other not to misunderstand each other no matter what happens. If there is any misunderstanding, just raise it up and talk about it to one another, and if you hear anything negative, ask about it. It’s great to have such trust, and great to have desire musically when we are working. You are the most handsome when you are seriously engrossed in doing music and preparing for the performance, thank you. Allowing me to see the parts that I didn’t see myself. If the other members are with us, we would be talking about other things that the 3 of us didn’t see. That’s why it’s call a team. On Christmas 2004, YoungSaeng hyung wrote letters to us. His feeling is more delicate than I’ve expected. On the red card he wrote “To KyuJong”, I cannot forget that. I am very thankful for it. “Jjuni” bought me some snacks. I didn’t have much money when I was a trainee, those times I had to eat cup noodles everyday…” (Kim KyuJong)

“Because this is something we always talk about so there isn’t something that we certainly want to talk about. But if I have something to tell these friends, I would say, it’s quite tiring these days, for real. There are some difficulties, when we say we want to reunite as 3, the anticipation grew. But in reality, we couldn’t get the results as much as the expectations. It may become a discouragement. However you told me don’t let it discourage us and let’s work harder next time, you look great taking one step at a time and thank you. Come to think of it, in the future we would have anticipations for better results again, even though we don’t know when will it be but I think that the days for us to shine again will come.” (Heo YoungSaeng)


06/08 [trans] Exclusive Interview 2 : Double S 301 “Three without Kim HyunJoong Park JungMin. Empty”
June 9, 2016, 13:58
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06/08 [trans] Exclusive Interview 2 : Double S 301 “Three without Kim HyunJoong Park JungMin. Empty”

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I asked them to guess what are fans’ very first thoughts when Double S 301 announced the release of their new album. “How long will that take?”, they guessed. It has been 6 years since SS501 last album release. The fans and members endured the long wait. The 3 of them look very happy when they are together, so why did it take so long for them to reunite together?

It is by no means that they don’t have any intention of reunite. Just that it took a long time to resolve the problems that they face in reality. Firstly the members must finish their military service, and because the members are with different agency, it is difficult to coordinate their schedules. When 5 of them met up together to discuss about their comeback, they are also haunted by these same problems.

“While I was doing my military service, the 3 of us met up and had such conversation. This time we worked in hand with one company and not our personal agency. We knew that one big reason why SS501 couldn’t make a comeback previously is because of the problem on different agencies that we signed to, so this we said ‘Let’s do it this time for sure, we shall start first so that 5 of us can reunite again’.” (Heo YoungSaeng)

“Because our members are with different agencies, so each agency has their own plans for our own solo activities. It is extremely difficult to coordinate the timing. Through the group activities this time, we felt that we have to leave the plans for solo activities totally in order for this to work.” (Kim KyuJong)

restmb_jhidxmake (1)

Even though they are currently promoting as 3 members, they hope for the day that all 5 members reunite again. As much as the joy of reuniting the 3 of them, they miss their members who are currently serving their military service just as much. As such, Double S 301 is an expression for “Unit born from SS501”. They also think that if they diligently do their activities, then it would be slightly easier when they reunite and do activities as 5 members.

Of course their musical inclination and mindset is different when they are doing their promotional activities as Double S 301 and SS501. It is already their 3rd album as Double S 301. Now they have their own style not only as SS501 but as Double S 301.

“I think the feeling is different when we sing SS501’s songs and Double S 301’s songs. When we sing SS501’s songs, because the full members are not around so we do feel some kind of emptiness, it feels like it can only be filled when we have all 5 members. That’s why we go for songs that can be taken by only us, like “PAIN” and “AH-HA”.” (Kim KyuJong)

restmb_jhidxmake (2)

The wish to reunite again has taken quite a long time and finally was fulfilled. The members have anticipated greatly for the moment for the group to reunite again, fans too are wishing for that to happen. As soon as the news of Double S 301 making a comeback broke out, fans welcome them back with the phrase “U R MAN IS BACK”. This same phrase was being used as the title for Double S 301 tour. On this, the members expressed their gratitude, “Fans are getting older with us and their ideas are great. There are also some who are already parents. Really thank you.”

Double S 301 met the fans whom they are grateful to, through concerts. In March, they started with a concert in Seoul and will continue to countries like Japan and Taiwan. It’s a long time since they go up on a stage, there they will see their enthusiastic fans. Even though they have been on countless of performances, this concert is filled with different emotions.

“It was fun. But a little sad. It’s been a really long time and the people gathered to come to watch our concert. We felt that we made the right decision to make a comeback, to be doing this together with them when we saw the happiness in them. We think of this as not a one-off thing but we must continue to do this consistently. SS501 is the most important, however we want to give an opportunity to develop Double S 301 too. A lot of people laughed at us initially when we named ourselves as 301. Even among fans, they didn’t know if they should call us “U R Man team” or “301”. We want to continue for a long time, making people not ashamed of this name and making 301 famous.” (Kim HyungJun)

restmb_jhidxmake (3)

“I didn’t cry during the concert. This time I was more happy than sad. Everything was just great. I still felt that it’s amazing for 3 of us to reunite like this. I also thought about many things like it’s not a difficult thing if everyone is on the same page and work towards it…But I guess we are not too late. KyuJong cried during the 1st broadcast right?” (Kim HyungJun)

“It’ll be a disturbance if I cry on stage. I cried a lot when rehearsing in Japan. What makes me want to cry is that my members are always watching from the 2nd floor during our concert. But it has been a long time since I performed. Because I am going on stage with my members, I felt very good.” (Kim KyuJong)

(Interview part 3 to be continued)

06/08 [trans] Exclusive Interview 1 : Into the Thirties, Double S 301 “Aren’t We Like Uncles?”
June 8, 2016, 17:36
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06/08 [trans] Exclusive Interview 1 : Into the Thirties, Double S 301 “Aren’t We Like Uncles?”

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Met some familiar faces. Three people came in noisily and said hello, somehow I was touched. Three of them whom fans, and general public are familiar with, interview with Double S 301 started.

Double S 301 returned to their fans with mini album “ETERNAL 5” last February. It has been 7 years since 3 of them came together, If we count by SS501’s activities, that will be 6 years since they release a new album. New song is titled “PAIN”. The song’s lyrics and melody is about the affectionate feeling of a guy who cannot let go of his love.


And just like this, the activities for “PAIN”, which excited many fans, ended which is the moment that marks the start of another long wait, however news of Double S 301 releasing another new album has kept the fans excited. Midnight of 9-Jun, new song will be released after about 4 months since their last song release. New song “AH-HA” has a completely different feel from “PAIN” which was introduced as a 2016 version of “U R MAN”, the new song has elements of hip-hop and a touch of funky. It is a different feel from what we are familiar of Double S 301 and SS501’s style.

“[PAIN] was selected as it was a long time since our comeback and we wanted to show the 3 guy’s image of what we have shown during “U R MAN”. But if we were to have another similar song, it will be an old feeling instead, we wanted to show that we are still young, we want to show everyone a fun song. Season is also seasonal, we have our hair colors bright too.” (Kim Kyu Jong)

Different from their previous activities where they wore sophisticated suits, they wore casual to match with the song’s feel this time. Besides Kim KyuJong who is taking care of “catch the pose part”, the other 2 members have their hair color in light shades to bring up the mood of the song. “Have the idol feel from head onwards” I said and they replied “Shinhwa hyung-deul are also idol” and laughed.


Kim HyungJun smiled and asked “Aren’t we looking too much like uncles as compared to the idols who are currently active?” Of course, Kim HyungJun has not changed since many years ago during SS501 days. Furthermore this is not something to ask in these days where 1st generation idols couldn’t comeback/reunite. Double S 301 also have had a long period of hiatus before making their comeback. The news of 1st generation idol’s comeback/reunite seems to be able to touch (people’s) hearts.

“That’s right. Good to have hyung-deul come back, seems like they have synergy with each other, the sunbae showed us that can be done so we also want to set a good example.” (Kim HyungJun)

“I think we gained lots of confidence, we had worries such as if we will harm the memories or achievements from our past activities. While having those considerations, we made the song “PAIN”. We saw how the sunbae do it and think that those ideas are out-dated, if we think slightly differently, it’s a time for us to do music with our fans and general public, so slowly our minds changed.” (Kim KyuJong)

But during their comeback with “PAIN”, they didn’t do enough promotional activities as the fans wished. Compared to the long period of waiting, the promotional period was short. That is not because the members didn’t want to go on to promote. On the contrary, they had a strong desire to go on broadcast promotion activities. However due to various reasons, they didn’t have the opportunities to get on variety programs other than music shows. Specially as their concert schedule is very packed.

“At that time, frankly we were quite busy. Because we have an upcoming Seoul concert and had to prepare for it, as well as preparing for a Japan album and concert tour. We did the preparations amidst our promotional activities.” (Heo YoungSaeng)

“We had to do both concurrently, we practised after we finished the broadcast activities. We also felt sad about it. We could have prepared in advance, but we had a lot of meetings because it is a long time since we made a comeback so it took a long time.” (Kim KyuJong)


The things that they couldn’t tell fans then are put into the song “SHINNING STAR” which is included in this album. “SHINNING STAR” is written by the 3 members. The title is by Heo YoungSaeng and members wrote together about what they wanted to tell their fans. The song holds a special meaning to the members and their fans. This is the so-called Double S 301’s “Fan Song”.

“What more do I need to explain. It is meaningful and like an everyday conversation than a formal talk, We write it like a normal daily talk such as ‘What did you do today, you’ve worked hard today’. Also, we have hidden the word SS501 in the lyrics. It’s difficult to find.” (Heo YoungSaeng)

“I also found something new when I read the lyrics for the first time. Those are not words that hyung uses frequently, I wanted to know why he used those words and I asked him, and he said there is a secret there. That’s why the title is “SHINNING STAR”. It’s “SS”.” (Kim KyuJong)

The album title has a special meaning too. The album released in February is “ETERNAL 5” which meant “5 person forever together”. This album title is “ESTRENO” which meant “debut” in Spanish. Is there a special reason behind having such titles?

“We will have our comeback on 8-Jun, which is SS501’s debut day. To make comeback on that same day is very meaningful so we decided on the same. It’s not that we set the date to coincide, we just wanted to show ourselves more often and release more albums. Originally this album can be released earlier but because of our tour schedule, which overlaps with our activities in Japan, so it was postponed a little. The (release) date was pushed back to 7-Jun originally so we change to 8-Jun to coincide (with debut date).” (Heo YoungSaeng)


Thanks to that, they are able to spend their debut anniversary with their fans this time. Because both their new song performance and music release are on 8-Jun. In order to spend this special day with their fans. Fans, who have waited for them for a long time, and cheering for them when they return, are a blessing to them.

“When we say we are going to release an album, it always gets delayed a lot. It’s not really serious to us but because there are still insufficient parts so we would push back for 2~3 weeks to prepare more. Fans would have thought it will be delayed this time too, we get such response a lot. We did our best to prepare and release (album) on time. I felt happy that we are able to release it on time and I think fans are glad too.” (Kim KyuJong)

“We are very thankful to our fans. Because of them we are able to reunite after a long time and are able to sing, we really want to show an even better self. We are eager to show our gratefulness through our music. Above all, we are happy that our fans did not leave (us).” (Heo YoungSaeng)

Fan’s unfaithfulness is just one isn’t it? Hope that we can often see Double S 301’s performance. This is no doubt what the members hoped for.

“We wanted to come out (on stage) often, but this song was part of the consideration during “PAIN” production so it is able to came out faster than usual, we don’t know how it go the next time and only know when we get into activities then. Should we be looking for a song suitable for autumn, or a song suitable for winter, or if the mood is right a happy song for the summer can be released right on. There are so many factors.” (Kim KyuJong)


During “PAIN” promotional activities, they managed to clinched a 1st place trophy. I asked if there is something they wish to achieve during this promotional activities period, they thought about it and spoke out their hearts truthfully.

“We want to get 1st place every time we release an album. We always have that in mind but personally I hope that this album will be Double S 301’s happy energy. The song is a light hearted song, I hope we can communicate more and enjoy our activities, hope that we can show our juniors that we are carefree and enjoying our performance. I also want to show Double S 301’s uniqueness.” (Kim KyuJong)

To add on, after the squabble among the members, they promised to have a “Chicmaek (chicken + beer) Party” with their fans if they get 1st place. The day that Double S 301 win 1st place, please go ahead to request it from them. (Interview part 2 to be continued)

06/07 [trans] Double S 301 Behind-The-Scene Exclusive Cuts + Debut 11th Anniversary Special Video!
June 8, 2016, 15:24
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06/07 [trans] Double S 301 Behind-The-Scene Exclusive Cuts + Debut 11th Anniversary Special Video!

Credits : Article/Photos/Videos = CI ENT ( ) + (English Translation) xiaochu @ &


■ SINCE 2005.06.08 ~
“Will become a super star forever as one” they shouted and came upon the music scene!

It has been already 11 years since they stood in front of everyone shouting to be together forever. Even though they have parted ways to do their own activities, their hearts are always as one…
And in order to keep their promise to their fans of being together forever, 3 men have returned! In February they replied the long waiting by their fans with a mini album [ETERNAL 5]!


Thereafter, in about 4 months on 8-June. After the comeback after 7 years, on time for their debut 11th anniversary, they are coming back with a special album [ESTRENO].


The special album “ESTRENO” which meant ‘Debut’ in Spanish, like its meaning, is fully filled with the love for Double S 301 where Green Peas Triple S’s support and love remains unchanged for 11 years. The title song “AH-HA” is a unique addictive song which is Double S 301’s forte, “SHINNING STAR” is a song that are written directly by the three members for their fans, this album is full of their gratitude and repayment!

092955932_003 092956461_004 092956892_005

And… This special album [ESTRENO] is for for their fans who have waited, released exclusively through Naver Entertainment Special, Double S 301’s behind-the-scene photos from the past 4 months will be released!!

■ 7 Years Since Their Last Comeback, Mini Album [ETERNAL 5]

092957349_006 092957833_007
They made a comeback with [PAIN], an addictive powerful song which is like an extension of song [U R MAN] that attracted large popularity for them during their activities as a 3-member unit group! They were very thankful to their fans who has anticipated and waited for the 3 men’s comeback, but on the other hand they started their activities with half worries and half excitement.


Thanks to the many love and support, they are able to enjoy the activities! Each and very day was enjoyable and grateful!

093001384_009 093001829_010

YoungSaeng SAYS,
“I think we prepared (for activities) amongst stress and excited, worries and happiness. We were also worried what if many people forgot about us already, but we were also happy to be able to stand in front of everyone once again. We realise once again how much it meant to be able to stand on the stage. We will be showing our best image often now.”

093002224_011 093002603_012

KyuJong SAYS,
“I think it was an activity period where we have gained a lot. It was a tight schedule with no rest days so it was quite tough physically but we are able to overcome that quickly because we are doing activities with our members. I felt the preciousness of the people around us who has supported us and always be together with us.”

093002983_013 093003361_014

HyungJun SAYS,
“It feels like debuting again. Fans who came to every broadcast in order to support us, audience who came to the concert with eyes lit with excitement and holding up the light sticks just like those good old times… I think I will not be able to forget each and every one of them. I am also excited as much as the fans.”

■ Your Oppa-deul Return Again… Concert [U R MAN IS BACK]

093003977_015 093004411_016 093008933_017 093009350_018 093009698_019

No sooner than they finished their broadcast activities, they held “DOUBLE S 301 CONCERT [U R MAN IS BACK]”.
“DIRTY LOVE”, “SAXAPHONE” which were not performed during their broadcast activities were performed for the first time, as well as very well hidden hidden tracks Produce 101’s “PICK ME” and Girlfriend’s “From Today We”!
In order to have a great performance and make wonderful memories, the concert was prepared in an absolute secret setting until right before the concert starts.

093010138_020 093010664_021 093011102_022 093019799_023 093020181_024

Right after the Seoul concert, continues with [U R MAN IS BACK] Tour! Taiwan, Japan and other overseas tour schedules are in the planning, they will see even nicer and more fans from all over the world. Compared to the busy period of comeback and concert preparation in the early half of the year, they will be having even busier activity schedules in the future, please look forward to Double S 301 activities!

093024131_025 093024631_026 093025144_027 093025600_028 093026071_029 093026542_030

Three members who are like family more than their own family, Heo YoungSaeng, Kim KyuJong, Kim HyungJun! After 11 years of debut, listen to their inner heart through exclusive video “Double S 301 Debut 11th Anniversary Special Video” by Naver Entertainment Special!

Convey of their heartfelt words! Who will be the 1st member to confess?

Magnae Kim HyungJun who is very worried for sick leader hyung! Who will be the next member to confess?
Members who left their seat because he’s too embarrassed to be listening… but watching and listening attentively right by the side.

Ending with Double S 301’s center Kim KyuJong’s difficult promise of being a Dongsaeng who will take care of hyung continuously and diligently, and his heartfelt words time.

And to “Triple S” whom the 3 men would like to convey their utmost sincerity.

Thank you for the love in these 11 years.
Please give lots of love to this special album [ESTRENO] and title song “AH-HA” which is filled with Double S 301’s heart!

06/08 [Lyrics] Double S 301 special album – ESTRENO
June 8, 2016, 13:10
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Ah ha ah ha ah ha ah ha ah ha x 2

It’s a pity, somehow you’re already going home
From just now the phone has been, Ringing off all night
Seeing today, when will we meet again, see you again in awhile
Oh oh nananananana

As the night goes on, not getting any colder You & I
Play as you please, so that there will be no regrets, Get it out
I try to remain reserved, but I guess I won’t be able to hold it in
If you play with me, it is always like that nanananana

After all Tic Toc Tic Toc, Today is ending
Before it’s too late, Gotta have some fun
Tic Toc Tic Toc Throw away your thoughts
Oh oh Follow me, Dancing like no one is around

Ah ha ah ha ah ha ah ha ah ha x 4

Come come, Move your body
Gotta come and get some
Get in get in, burn as white as snow, Let’s go
As today, following you, always getting warm
Watch out, get your hands out, nanananana

First time I see the sign, (you) don’t dislike it, Yo that’s right
Even if I hold your hands first, you didn’t mind, getting hot
I try to remain reserved, but I guess I won’t be able to hold it in
If you play with me, it is always like that nanananana

After all Tic Toc Tic Toc, Today is ending
Before it’s too late, Gotta have some fun
Tic Toc Tic Toc Throw away your thoughts
Oh oh Follow me, Dancing like no one is around

Ah ha ah ha ah ha ah ha ah ha x 4

Don’t build up all the worries, my heart seems like it’s going to explode
Just for today, throw away all the heavy thoughts like a young child and leave yourself to me
When I see you I think
I’ll be the one who makes you laugh all night
Forget about this moment
So what you waiting for
What are you waiting for what are you waiting for

After all Tic Toc Tic Toc, Today is ending
Before it’s too late, Gotta have some fun
Tic Toc Tic Toc Throw away your thoughts
Oh oh Follow me, Dancing like no one is around

Ah ha ah ha ah ha ah ha ah ha x 4

Shinning Star

Lyrics by Heo YoungSaeng, Kim KyuJong, Kim HyungJun

How was today, Are you struggling, Just thinking about you the whole day long
Are you also the same? If you’re like me
It is my happiness, It’s beautiful shinning star

As time passes, even if it’s forgotten, the heart remembers our love
Even if the season changes, I will work hard for you

Unchanging, You’re the only best love
Always giving shine for me, until I become your very own star to shine for you

How was today, Are you struggling, Just thinking about you the whole day long
Are you also the same? If you’re like me, that is my happiness

You’ve worked hard for today too, you are forever my only, You’re the one
I said “I love you”, I said “thank you”, and also the times we were together
I will remember that look as it is, Shinning star

One day when you suddenly turn around, remember today, hope you are smiling
Even if everything changes, I will work hard for you

Unchanging, You’re the only best friend
I will always protect you, until I become your very own star to shine for you

How was today, Are you struggling, Just thinking about you the whole day long
Are you also the same? If you’re like me, that is my happiness

You’ve worked hard for today too, you are forever my only, You’re the one
I said “I love you”, I said “thank you”, and also the times we were together
I will remember that look as it is, Shinning star

Are you struggling today, Just thinking about you the whole day long
Are you also the same? If you’re like me, that is my happiness

You’ve worked hard for today too, you are forever my only, You’re the one
I said “Let’s be together”, I said “We’re forever”, and also all our days
I will remember the day we became one, Shinning star