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06/08 [trans] Exclusive Interview 2 : Double S 301 “Three without Kim HyunJoong Park JungMin. Empty”
June 9, 2016, 13:58
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06/08 [trans] Exclusive Interview 2 : Double S 301 “Three without Kim HyunJoong Park JungMin. Empty”

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I asked them to guess what are fans’ very first thoughts when Double S 301 announced the release of their new album. “How long will that take?”, they guessed. It has been 6 years since SS501 last album release. The fans and members endured the long wait. The 3 of them look very happy when they are together, so why did it take so long for them to reunite together?

It is by no means that they don’t have any intention of reunite. Just that it took a long time to resolve the problems that they face in reality. Firstly the members must finish their military service, and because the members are with different agency, it is difficult to coordinate their schedules. When 5 of them met up together to discuss about their comeback, they are also haunted by these same problems.

“While I was doing my military service, the 3 of us met up and had such conversation. This time we worked in hand with one company and not our personal agency. We knew that one big reason why SS501 couldn’t make a comeback previously is because of the problem on different agencies that we signed to, so this we said ‘Let’s do it this time for sure, we shall start first so that 5 of us can reunite again’.” (Heo YoungSaeng)

“Because our members are with different agencies, so each agency has their own plans for our own solo activities. It is extremely difficult to coordinate the timing. Through the group activities this time, we felt that we have to leave the plans for solo activities totally in order for this to work.” (Kim KyuJong)

restmb_jhidxmake (1)

Even though they are currently promoting as 3 members, they hope for the day that all 5 members reunite again. As much as the joy of reuniting the 3 of them, they miss their members who are currently serving their military service just as much. As such, Double S 301 is an expression for “Unit born from SS501”. They also think that if they diligently do their activities, then it would be slightly easier when they reunite and do activities as 5 members.

Of course their musical inclination and mindset is different when they are doing their promotional activities as Double S 301 and SS501. It is already their 3rd album as Double S 301. Now they have their own style not only as SS501 but as Double S 301.

“I think the feeling is different when we sing SS501’s songs and Double S 301’s songs. When we sing SS501’s songs, because the full members are not around so we do feel some kind of emptiness, it feels like it can only be filled when we have all 5 members. That’s why we go for songs that can be taken by only us, like “PAIN” and “AH-HA”.” (Kim KyuJong)

restmb_jhidxmake (2)

The wish to reunite again has taken quite a long time and finally was fulfilled. The members have anticipated greatly for the moment for the group to reunite again, fans too are wishing for that to happen. As soon as the news of Double S 301 making a comeback broke out, fans welcome them back with the phrase “U R MAN IS BACK”. This same phrase was being used as the title for Double S 301 tour. On this, the members expressed their gratitude, “Fans are getting older with us and their ideas are great. There are also some who are already parents. Really thank you.”

Double S 301 met the fans whom they are grateful to, through concerts. In March, they started with a concert in Seoul and will continue to countries like Japan and Taiwan. It’s a long time since they go up on a stage, there they will see their enthusiastic fans. Even though they have been on countless of performances, this concert is filled with different emotions.

“It was fun. But a little sad. It’s been a really long time and the people gathered to come to watch our concert. We felt that we made the right decision to make a comeback, to be doing this together with them when we saw the happiness in them. We think of this as not a one-off thing but we must continue to do this consistently. SS501 is the most important, however we want to give an opportunity to develop Double S 301 too. A lot of people laughed at us initially when we named ourselves as 301. Even among fans, they didn’t know if they should call us “U R Man team” or “301”. We want to continue for a long time, making people not ashamed of this name and making 301 famous.” (Kim HyungJun)

restmb_jhidxmake (3)

“I didn’t cry during the concert. This time I was more happy than sad. Everything was just great. I still felt that it’s amazing for 3 of us to reunite like this. I also thought about many things like it’s not a difficult thing if everyone is on the same page and work towards it…But I guess we are not too late. KyuJong cried during the 1st broadcast right?” (Kim HyungJun)

“It’ll be a disturbance if I cry on stage. I cried a lot when rehearsing in Japan. What makes me want to cry is that my members are always watching from the 2nd floor during our concert. But it has been a long time since I performed. Because I am going on stage with my members, I felt very good.” (Kim KyuJong)

(Interview part 3 to be continued)


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