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10/27 [news] SS301 Kim KyuJong “Felt Embarrased When First Heard ‘U R Man’ Song”
October 27, 2016, 23:57
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SS301 Kim KyuJong revealed that “Member’s most oppsed songs” were their group’s best hit songs ‘U R Man’ and ‘Because I am stupid’.

Kim KyuJong was a guest at SBS Love FM ‘Song Euni Kim Sook’s Sister Radio’ on 27-Oct.

On this day, when asked “How did you feel when you first received the song ‘U R Man’?”, Kim KyuJong shared his thoughts frankly “It was very different from the music that we have done before. We thought ‘this is very embarrassing’.”

Kim KyuJong expressed “But instead, we will have wonderful choreography and stage clothes, with manly concept and even had eye make-up.”

Kum KyuJong continued “Actually ‘U R Man’ and ‘Because I am stupid’ were the songs that our members think ‘it’s strange’ and opposed to them. But those became our group’s best hit song. So realised we should listen to the producers.” he laughed.

Kim Sook sympathize with him “When Unnies received the song from Park JinYoung we were taken aback. ‘I couldn’t pick up the phone because the battery went flat’ was the lyrics but it was toneless. But the song was released and went up the charts.”

‘U R Man’ is famous for its lyrics ‘I’m your man, dda ra dat dda today too~”. It is a strong addictive song, SS301’s best hit song and also a ‘Suneung forbidden song’.


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