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01/06 [news] ‘Video Star’ Double S 301 Kim HyungJun “Sometimes Scared That We Are Remembered Only For ‘I’m Ur Man”
January 6, 2017, 15:49
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Double S 301 Kim HyungJun appears in ‘Video Star’ and talks about how he feels about his group’s nickname.

MBC Every1 ‘Video Star’ episode 27 ‘Global Prince’ which will air on 10-Jan, will have guests Gu JunYeop, Double S 301 Kim HyungJun, B.A.P DaeHyun, Surprise Kang TaeOh, gagman Kim DaeHee.

Kim HyungJun who has exuberant activities overseas, talked about his local activities. ‘Global Prince’ Kim HyungJun is well-received in Korea and has been nicknamed ‘I’m Ur Man’.

Park NaRae explains on the nickname ‘I’m Ur Man’, “‘U R MAN’ is an addictive song and has been chosen as the 1st and 2nd choice for forbidden song during University Entrance Exam.” Kim HyungJun expressed his affection for the nickname, “Sometimes I am scared that Double S 301 is remembered only for ‘I’m Ur Man’. But even so, I am ahppy that we are always being remembered for ‘I’m Ur Man’.”

Kim HyungJun greeted the audience with ‘U R Man’ song, which gave smiles to them.


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