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07/13 [news] Heo YoungSaeng, Last OST for ‘The Emperor: Owner of the Mask’..’Looking’ To Be Released Today Noon
July 13, 2017, 10:31
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SS301 Heo YoungSaeng will sing for the last OST for drama ‘The Emperor: Owner of the Mask’.

Heo YoungSaeng is the last to join the singing rank for MBC Wed-Thu drama ‘The Emperor: Owner of the Mask’, with a ballad song ‘Looking’ which expresses the pain of love.

‘Another day has passed, I slept in pain / I dreamt that I will sleep in your arms some day / I’m afraid we are drifting apart again, being the only one who is holding on / Do you know such kind of love? Do you know my heart? / The painful love that goes around’ are the lyrics of the song expressing sadness and regrettable feeling. The song has repetitive lyrics like ‘Looking, waiting, loving’ and with its melody, gives a touching musical feeling.

With sophisticated piano playing and guitarist Kim MinKyu’s acoustic guitar playing, Heo YoungSaeng’s sweet voice harmonized with them making the song display its sensitivity, like the pain of one-sided love of HwaGun (Yoon SoHee) towards LeeSun (Yoo SeungHo) in the drama. The song was put together by global producer cum composer BadBoss and AsYouKnow who is popular with various genre of music.

SS301’s main vocalist, Heo YoungSaeng has participated in various drama OST last year such as ‘Blow Breeze’ ‘Rude Miss Young-Ae’, receiving interests among his fans. Through ‘Masked Singer’, ‘Duet Song Festival’, he has also created a sensation with his performances. He also received lots of popularity through SS301 special album ‘UNISON VOLUME 1’ which was released earlier in June.

Producing company for the OST, PlusMedia’s CEO Lee SungKwon said “The last OST song for ‘The Emperor: Owner of the Mask’ is ‘Looking’ by Heo YoungSaeng, the song is beautiful and descriptive of the drama as it unfolds. I thank all of you who have given interest and support of the drama and its OST.”

‘The Emperor: Owner of the Mask’ OST, Heo YoungSaeng’s ‘Looking’ will be released on 13-July at noon.


06/26 [news] Kim KyuJong, Successfully Finishes First Solo Concert ‘Between Spring & Summer’
June 26, 2017, 11:10
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Kim KyuJong Concert / Photo credit to CI ENT

Kim KyuJong from Double S 301 finishes his first solo concert successfully.

Double S 301’s Kim KyuJong held his solo concert ‘First Fragment – Between Spring & Summer’ on 22nd, 24th and 25th June in HongDae Rolling Hall, and spent meaningful times with his fans.

As this concert is Kim KyuJong’s first solo concert, it has gathered lots of anticipations from fans from the start. All tickets for all shows were sold out right after thet went on sale on 26-May through Interpark Ticket, confirming Kim KyuJong’s high popularity.

The concert started as Kim KyuJong appeared when the curtain goes up and in the cheers of his fans, with a live band, he sang ‘Hello, Spring’, title song from hist first single album ‘Play in Nature Part.1 SPRING’ which was released on 10-May, as well as ‘Get Ya Luv’, then he talked about his feelings and said his thanks to fans who has waited for him for so long.

Kim KyuJong also sang acoustic version of SS501’s ‘SKY’ which lead to cheers from fans, ‘My You’, ‘Because I am Stupid’, etc. Besides these mellow songs, he also sang ‘U R Man’, ‘PAIN’, which are more performance-based songs. The whole concert made the fans ecstatic as it was filled with various performances of acoustic emotions and charisma.

There was a special section ‘ThanKYU For You’ where he played with the fans. He would introduce the story which
fans sent, and sang covers of Zico’s ‘You are Me, I am You’, and Crush’s ‘Beautiful’, live on the spot. Through the approximately 2 hours concert, he has created memories that the fans would never forget.

Kim KyuJong, who sang about 20 songs live, expressed his feelings “I am glad because I am able to meet with my fans in a close distance through the concert, I want to thank my fans for always supporting me. I’ve prepared diligently to show a more diverse image as this is my first solo concert. All thanks to the enthusiastic cheers throughout the concert, I was able to enjoy performing.”

With the successful completion of his first solo concert, Kim KyuJong will hold his first showcase ‘Play in Nature – Kim Kyu Jong 1st Showcase in Taipei’ on 29-July in Taiwan.

06/23 [news] EXCLUSIVE – ‘Honorable Discharge’ Park JungMin, Commendation Medal For Saving A Life In Subway..Came To Light Only Now
June 23, 2017, 21:20
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With his upcoming discharge on 1-July, singer and actor Park JungMin from SS501, is recently being known of receiving a commendation medal for saving a life in the subway.

Currently serving in a subway station in Songpa-gu, in February Park JungMin preformed first aid on a middle aged man who collapsed due to breathing difficulties, thus saving a precious life. Park JungMin was in service at the subway station and helped the patient using first aid as per the first aid manual that he learned, the man received first aid from Park JungMin and then waited for 119 rescue team to arrive. Thereafter, the man was sent to the hospital in an ambulance.

With this, Seoul Metro has awarded Park JungMin with a commendation medal in March and complimented his actions. Seoul Metro revealed the reason for awarding the commendation medal “He is excellent in his work and fulfill his duties well, which is commendable.”

Park JungMin was enlisted in July 2015, and was posted to Seoul Metro as a military public service worker to fulfill his military service. When asked if it is common for celebrities to be posted to service line where they will face passengers directly, (they said) Park JungMin is an exception, where he was put in charge of several passenger service. Park JungMin performs various tasks in the subway station such as lost & found management, care for the disabled, managing the call line, etc.

One related personnel said “Despite being a celebrity, Park JungMin doesn’t mind being in a service where he faces passengers directly.”

Park JungMin who debut as SS501, has diverse activities as a singer and actor. He is also very popular overseas especially since his Chinese and Japanese language is remarkable. He also held concert tour in South America prior to his enlistment.

After his discharge, Park JungMin will be seeing his fans again through various kinds of activities.

06/23 [news] Park JungMin’s Agency “True That He Received Commendation From Seoul Metro…He Did What He Had To Do”
June 23, 2017, 20:49
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Singer Park JungMin / Photo source = Park JungMin’s SNS

Park JungMin received commendation medal from Seoul Metro in March.

Park JungMin’s agency revealed to Tenasia “It is true that Park JungMin received a commendation medal.”

The person continued “The work is his line of duty. Park JungMin has done what he had to do, and we are thankful that they even gave him commendation medal.”

Park JungMin was enlisted in July 2015, and was dispatched to Seoul Metro as a military public service worker to fulfill his military service. He will be discharged on 1-July.

06/08 [news] Double S 301, Releases 12th Year Anniversary Commemorative Album Today
June 8, 2017, 10:19
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Group Double S 301 will release a special album to commemorate their 12 years of debut.

Having their 12 years of debut this year, Double S 301 will release a special album ‘UNISON VOLUME 1’ through various online music websites today (8-Jun) at 6pm.

This album is a special album release to coincide with Double S 301’s debut date 8-Jun. The album which coincides with their 12th anniversary is filled with Double S 301’s memories and love towards their fans, making it an even more special gift thus gaining lots of anticipation.

The title song for this album ‘HELLO MELLO’ is a reinterpretation of the same titled song included in Heo YoungSaeng’s 2nd mini album ‘SOLO’ released in May 2012. It will show the members’ charismatic vocals and lyrics filled with their affectionate love towards their fans.

This album is an addition of special album since the release of ‘ESTRENO’ special album released last year on 8-Jun to commemorate their debut date, thus making it even more meaningful. Double S and their fans made the promise to release a commemorative album on their debut date every year, their fans deeply moved by this.

Besides this, Double S 301’s members Heo YoungSaeng and Kim KyuJong also posted their hand written letter prior to the release of the special album today, through the official SNS, expressing their thoughts on their 12 anniversary and their thankfulness for the unchanging support from their fans for the past 12 years, once again making their fans deeply moved.

CI Ent expressed “Double S 301’s 12 anniversary special album will be released at 6pm today. The members’ mind towards the fans are put into this album fully, so we hope for your support as well as to look forward to and support Double S 301’s activities in the future.

Meanwhile, Double S 301’s 12th anniversary commemorative special album ‘UNISON VOLUME 1’ will be released today (8-Jun) at 6pm through various music websites.

06/05 [news] SS301 Kim KyuJong, Successful Finished Japan Fan Meeting, Starts Korea Activities With Concert
June 5, 2017, 09:55
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Group Double S 301’s Kim KyuJong has completed his promotional activities in Japan successfully.

Kim KyuJong held his solo fan meeting ‘2017 KIM KYU JONG SPECIAL FAN EVENT’ on 3-Jun, spending meaningful time with his Japanese fans.

This is Kim KyuJong’s very first fan sign event in Japan since his first single album release, and has attracted many fans in Japan to attend this fan sign event, indicating his popularity globally. Kim KyuJong displayed his love generously to his fans who came to the event, leading to enthusiastic cheers for him.

In the solo fan meeting held in Yakult Hall, Tokyo Japan, he performed live, played ‘choose 1 from 2 option’ game, Q&A time where he replied to questions that fans are curious of, etc. Through the wide variety of activities, he was able to get closer and communicate with the fans there, spending meaningful time with them.

For this fan meeting, besides dance performances that he usually performs, he also performed the title song from his new single album ‘Hello, Spring’ and ‘Wind’, infecting the venue with acoustic sense, then ending the concert with sweet tunes of piano playing ‘Story’ and fans loud cheering.

CI Ent expressed, “Kim KyuJong has ended his activities in Japan successfully. We sincerely thank all the Japanese fans who supported him for the past 2 days, we will work hard so as to be able to return for a great performance next time and hope for your continuous support. We also hope for your support on Kim KyuJong’s solo concert on 22-Jun.”

Meanwhile, Kim KyuJong will be holding his solo concert ‘First Fragment – Between Spring and Summer’ on 22-Jun at Rolling Hall.

05/31 [news] Double S 301 Kim KyuJong, Japan Fan Meeting in June
June 2, 2017, 14:39
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Idol group Double S 301’s Kim KyuJong will be having promotional activities in Japan.

Having released his first single album ‘Play in Nature Part.1 SPRING’ on 10-May with both Korean and Japanese version, Kim KyuJong start to actively promote in Japan, with a fan sign event on 2-Jun, as well as a fan meeting ‘2017 KIM KYU JONG SPECIAL FANEVENT’ on 3-Jun.

Kim KyuJong’s Japan fan sign event is his first fan sign event in Japan since the release of ‘Play in Nature Part.1 SPRING’. The event was powered through request by many of the local fans, thus will be a special time even for Kim KyuJong.

In addition, the fan meeting on 3-Jun held at Yakult Hall in Tokyo Japan is also very well-received by local fans with all the seats sold-out.

His agency CI ENT expressed “Kim KyuJong had plans for promotional activities in Japan. Starting with the fan sign event on 2-Jun, he will also have a fan meeting on 3-Jun. He is working hard in preparations to the activities in order to show a great performance for the Japanese fans who have waited so long for him. We hope that you can give Kim KyuJong more support and concern as he gets more active in promoting in the future.”

Meanwhile besides the activities in Japan, Kim KyuJong will hold a solo concert ‘First Fragment – Between Spring and Summer’ on 22-Jun in Rolling Hall.