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06/08 [trans] Handwritten Letter from YoungSaeng & KyuJong for 12th Anniversary
June 8, 2017, 13:27
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For 12th debut anniversary to come.. It’s all because of the support from our fans… That I am able to be here where I am now!!
I will work even harder in the future, and repay with great music, as SS501’s YoungSaeng ^^
Always be together~^^

To. Triple S and ThanKYU Pretties ^^

If we bring up the conversations about year 2005, the people around me will go “How long ago was that~” but I’ll just continue talking.. It really feels like a day or two ago.. but it has been 12 years~!
I think time really goes by so fast~
In our busy everyday life, and sometimes having hit, or be in a series of uneasiness, but for this year too, let us live on with a smile till the very end, and share the good feelings/emotions~
The happiness feeling and energy that you have always given, and giving me, I really want to give them back to you!
I will show you an even better music and image ♥
Really thank you for being with me for such a long time of 12 years..13 years ♥ Let’s be together for next year and the year after too~ Now when I’m writing the letter, it is raining… Looking at the rain, I’m entirely filled with memories of us.. Let’s make beautiful and precious memories of just us in the future~
Thanks.. Thank you ~ ^^ ♥

SS501 ♥ 301


05/29 [trans] Hong DJ’s Handsome BFFs with Kim KyuJong, Park JiBin
May 29, 2017, 21:41
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[HongKiRa Reserved Seats]

Who are the invited guests this week?

Kim KyuJong & Park JiBin

Actor Park JiBin who has been discharged from army and haven’t been appearing in broadcasts for a long time

What happened in the meantime?
What a guy, real man~!!

Always soft-spoken guy
SS301 Kim KyuJong

KyuJong is..really.. be it in the past or now
Handsome as ever!!

Cuddle~ they are close with each other

Because they are actually very close with each other~
That’s why there are endless of tip-offs between them right?keke

HongKi DJ sent a Kakaotalk message to SS301 YoungSaeng
Using this photo with KyuJong and JiBin and asked
‘Where am I good?’ (xc: Literally “which part of me do you think is good?”)
But the reply didn’t come in even till the end of the broadcast….

YoungSaeng’s reply!
We’re sharing it here with HongKiRa family

Where does YoungSaeng thinks HongKi DJ is good?

Where does YoungSaeng thinks is good about his dongsaeng KyuJong?

Where does YoungSaeng thinks is good about his dongsaeng JiBin?

Next time we shall invite YoungSaeng too~
Get everyone together again shortly!
KyuJong! JiBin! Thank you for coming to HongKiRa
See you again next time 🙂

+ P.S
Solo cuts of the handsome two! Please enjoy viewing

Sweetest in the world KyuJong

V V ~~

Now for JiBin who became a ‘MAN’!

(Aigoo So warming)

02/28 [trans] 2017 KIM HYUN JOONG FANMEETING ‘ANEMONE’ Pre-sale Additional Info
February 28, 2017, 15:12
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This is Key East.

We would like to provide additional information about Kim HyunJoong’s solo fan meeting 2017 KIM HYUN JOONG FANMEETING ‘ANEMONE’ which will be held on 29-April.

* The limit for priority pre-sale is 1 ticket per person, and for normal pre-sale is 2 tickets per person.
As per previous notice, the priority pre-sale are (704 seats) are reserved for Korean fans. We have limit to 1 ticket purchase per person during the priority pre-sale period, due to concerns about the potential issues arising from illegally selling/purchasing the tickets. Appreciate your understanding on this matter.
(※ For Korean fans, you are able to purchase a maximum of 3 tickets in total, 1 ticket within the priority pre-sale block of seats during priority pre-sale after you’ve verified your account, and 2 tickets during the normal pre-sale block of seats during normal pre-sale period.)

* We will be checking the identification certificate for those who are entering to the priority pre-sale seats.
This is an inevitable decision in order to prevent use of illegal ticketing program and ticket touts, so we seek for fans’ cooperation on this.

* Overseas fans will be able to purchase tickets through Ticket Link English reservation page.
Priority pre-sale is a privilege for Korean fans, English reservation page will be open for purchasing during the normal pre-sale period.
Overseas fans who do not understand Korean will be able to use the English reservation page to purchase the fan meeting tickets.
Fans who do not wish to join arranged tour package can use the English reservation page to purchase the fan meeting tickets. In addition, Korean fans who couldn’t take part in the priority pre-sale can also purchase the fan meeting tickets during the normal pre-sale (Korean reservation page).

* Group ticketing or bulk purchase is not allowed.
Other than the official tour agencies organizing the tour program for this fan meeting, we do not allow other tour agencies or companies/groups to purchase tickets in large quantities.

It has been around 4 years since his last Seoul fan meeting in 2013, we want the fan meeting to be a meaningful time for all the fans. We seek for everyone’s cooperation in order to have an enjoyable fan meeting.

Thank you.

02/20 [trans] 2017 KIM HYUN JOONG FANMEETING ‘ANEMONE’ Priority Pre-sale Information for Korea Fans
February 20, 2017, 14:03
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(Pre-sale seats – 704 seats : Front middle block colored in yellow)

This is Key East.

We would like to inform you about Kim HyunJoong’s solo fan meeting 2017 KIM HYUN JOONG FANMEETING ‘ANEMONE’ which will be held on 29-April.

This fan meeting will be one held after nearly 4 years since his last Seoul fan meeting in 2013, we will be having priority pre-sale for the tickets for Korean fans who have waited for him.

We have secured 704 seats in the front middle block of the venue of this Seoul fan meeting just for the Korean fans. There is a procedure in place to obtain these tickets, we hope for your consideration on this.
After this priority pre-sale, the normal pre-sale will commence, so for fans who couldn’t get the tickets from this priority pre-sale, we hope you can purchase using the normal pre-sale process.

Please check for further details provided below.

Thank you.

= Event Information =
– Date/Time : 29-April-2017 (Sat) 7.00 PM
(Please note that there might be delay in the entrance time according to the situation at the time of event. We appreciate your understanding on this)
– Event Venue : Olympic Park’s Olympic Hall
– Viewer Rating : All ages
– Ticket Price : 99,000 won (Includes VAT, price is same for all seats)

= Priority Pre-sale Information =
– Priority Pre-sale application period : 22-Feb (Wed) ~ 28-Feb (Tue)
– Priority Pre-sale announcement of successful applicants : 3-Mar (Fri) 11 AM through Kim HyunJoong’s official home page, under NEWS – NOTICE board
– Priority Pre-sale authentication period : 3-Mar (Fri) 4 PM ~ 9-Mar (Thu) 11:59 PM
– Priority Pre-sale start of sale : 6-Mar (Mon) 4 PM ~ 9-Mar (Thu) 11:59 PM – 704 seats (refer to image above)
– Normal Pre-sale start of sale : 13-Mar (Mon) 8 PM
– Ticket delivery : Estimated delivery starts from 27-Mar (Mon) (delivery schedule may change according to situations)

– Ticketing website: Ticketlink –
– Enquiries : Ticket Link 1588-7890

= Priority Pre-sale Application Method =

1. Application Period
22-Feb-2017 (Wed) ~ 29-Feb (Tue)

2. Application format & method
1) Attach scan copy of your passport and identification card (please erase the last 7 digit of your ID number before attaching the image)
2) Name
3) Contact details (phone number, email)
4) Attach a photo of KIM HYUN JOONG’s single album and limited edition album

Using the above format, please send an email to the person in charge of Key East Fan Meeting at email

3. Important Notes
– Priority pre-sale ticket is limited to one per applicant. Do note that we do not allow duplicate application.

– Please adhere strictly to the application method as stated above. Any missing or incorrect information will lead to difficulties in confirming your application and will be excluded from the list.

– Because this priority pre-sale is done for Kim HyunJoong’s local (Korean) fans, this procedure is required in order to confirm the fans, we seek for your understanding.

– There is no limit to the number of applicants for the priority pre-sale, all fans who follow the application format and method correctly will be eligible for this priority pre-sale.
However, in case where all 704 seats allocated for this priority pre-sale are taken up, we wish to inform you beforehand that you will then have to purchase your tickets during the normal pre-sale.

= Priority Pre-sale Announcement of Successful Applicants =

– 3-Mar-2017 (Fri) 11 AM, notice will be posted in Kim HyunJoong’s official homepage, at NEWS-NOTICE board.

= Priority Pre-sale Authentication Process Information =

– Priority Pre-sale authentication period : 3-Mar (Fri) 4 PM ~ 9-Mar (Thu) 11:59 PM

1. Log-in to Ticketlink
2. Go to 2017 KIM HYUN JOONG FANMEETING ‘ANEMONE’ pre-sale ticketing page
3. Click on Fan Club Authentication banner
4. Key in your name and contact details

02/12 [trans] KIMHYUNJOONG (김현중) – The letter
February 12, 2017, 17:52
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안녕하세요. 김현중입니다.
아침에 생활관이 아닌 곳에서 눈을 뜨게되니
진짜 전역을 했구나라고 느낍니다.
한파 속에도 마중 나와주신 많은 팬분들께 감사하다는 말씀 드립니다…
지난 21개월은 부족한 저를 스스로 바로 잡는 시간이었습니다.
김현중을 응원한다는게 예전처럼은 힘들고…
어쩌면 숨겨야하는 일일 수도 있겠죠…
하지만 지난 시간 동안 마음을 정리하고 나왔습니다…
날 믿어준 모든 이들에게 최선을 다해서 은혜를 갚겠다고…
여러분이 생각하는 것 이상으로 많이 굳건해져서 나왔으니까
넓은 마음으로 지켜봐주셨으면 좋겠습니다.
김현중의 팬이라는게 꼭!!
다시 떳떳할 수 있도록 열심히… 당당히 어려운 길을 헤쳐나가겠습니다.
다시 한번, 한파 속에도 부족한 저를 마중나와주신 모든 분들
그리고 21개월 동안 함께 했던 30사단 장병 여러분 감사합니다.

Hello. This is Kim HyunJoong.
Waking up to a place that is not the barracks in the morning
I felt that I have really discharged from the army.
I want to say a word of thanks to the many fans who came to see me despite the cold weather…
In the past 21 months, it was a time for me to reflect on myself.
It is difficult like old days to be supporting Kim HyunJoong…
And perhaps even have to hide the fact…
But I have pulled myself together during this time…
I will repay the kindness given by everyone who believed in me by giving my best…
Because I have became much stronger than you ever imagine
I hope you can watch over me with open mindedness.
Definitely!! As a fan of Kim HyunJoong
I will work hard to be honorable again…I will walk down the difficult path bravely.
Once again, to everyone who came to see me despite the cold weather
And all the soldiers of 30th Division who spent the 21 months with me, thank you.

02/07 [notice] About Kim HyunJoong’s Military Discharge
February 7, 2017, 10:17
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This is Key East.

Coming 11-Feb (Sat), Kim HyunJoong will successfully complete his 21 months of military service and be discharged.
Kim HyunJoong will greet everyone who are present at the venue, at about 10 A.M. on 11-Feb after his military discharge ceremony.

We would like to thank everyone who has waited for Kim HyunJoong during this period, he will see you with a healthy look on the military discharge day.

* Date/Time : 11-Feb-2017 (Sat) About 10 AM
* Venue : Gyeonggi-do Goyang-si Deokyang-gu Hwajeon-dong 30-Division Recruit Training Center 경기도 고양시 덕양구 화전동 30사단 신병교육대

– Exact time and meeting place may change according to the situation at that time.
– Hot tea and souvenirs will be shared from 8 A.M. onwards on that day.
– We would appreciate everyone’s cooperation so as not to have any safety issues since the space available is small.

Thank you.

01/24 [Diary] 32nd Story – This is Kim HyunJoong
January 25, 2017, 08:44
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잘 지내죠?

무슨 말을 어떻게 시작해야 할지
며칠을 고민한 끝에 이렇게 인사를 드립니다.

길고 긴, 상처의 시간들을 지나면서
제가 참 나약한 사람이었구나를 느꼈어요.
하지만 가족과 친구들,
그리고 날 믿어주는 사람들 덕분에 버틸 수 있었고,
그만큼 하루하루가 감사했습니다.

그래서 그냥 이렇게라도
안부를 묻고 싶었습니다.

다들 잘 지내고 계시죠?

그동안 하고 싶었던 이야기들은
얼굴 마주보면서 하고 싶네요.

항상 고맙습니다.

김현중 올림.














我希望当面谈谈 这段时间想说的那些故事。



Hi. Long time no see.
How are you?

I have been wondering what to say.
After a few days of pondering, I say hello.

while overcoming those long and harsh days.
I realised how vunerable I am.

Thanks to my family & friends whom I can rely on,
I could hold out and felt thankful to my life.

So, I just wanted to ask if you are good.
How are you?

I’d like to talk about telling stories with you face to face.

Thanks everyone.

Kim Hyun-Joong